Good Shave – “Shave It Forward” Razors and Blades

shave is a monthly management system razor that promises to help deliver the best shaving of his life. Here’s our good opinion of shaving.

What is good shave?

shave is delivery system razor who wants to help you enjoy a better shaving razors that are cheaper than what you buy in the supermarket.

Razors say also be perfectly weighted without causing bleeding or pulling face. Leaving your skin with a soft, feel free to bump -., At least, according to the manufacturer

Based in Ontario, Canada, shave delivers a razor to charity each time you order . So you can get a close shave razors with multiple blades at the same time feel good about yourself.

social media pages of the company are filled with pictures of employees delivering shaving razors homeless shelters around the world good razor.

How does shave job?

shave announces a three-step process for customers:

– Step 1) Order to choose a package of razor that works for you

– Step 2 ) “receive your new razor sensational shaving and enjoy your new shaving”

– Step 3) shave will donate a razor in his name to a shelter or food bank homeless

the delivery system shaving has been profiled in the Huffington Post and USA Nowadays. Meanwhile, the Instagram account Company has before and after pictures of homeless men who have recently received a new shaving through good Shave Program charity.

Razors are generally well-reviewed online. You a replacement blade every week, and the blades have a four-blade design. In all our research online, we have not found anyone who called the cheap or uncomfortable blades :. They were compared to disposable razors high quality can be purchased at any supermarket

price shave

shave is available in three different rates, depending on whether you want to order maquinillas shaving for a month, 3 months, 6 months or in the future.

This is how the pricing breaks down:

– 1 Month: US $ 11.99
– 3 Months: $ 32.37
– 6 Months: $ 62.14

All packages leave the knife ask (s) for delivery at once, or you can choose to subscribe to razors each month, 3 months or 6 months.

Shipping is available to addresses in the United States and Canada.

When the package razor is described as a period of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months means that you get one “cutting edge designed razor” with four refills razor (a new razor recharging per week).

The company claims that its price is designed to be 50% cheaper than razors store bought.

Moreover, if something happens to their technical control razor shave before you are scheduled to receive a new, smooth shave replace free of charge at any time. However, most comments online customers describe handle as well made and “substantial”.

do customers have to say about good shave?

We know that good shave razors delivered to your home every month and donate razors homeless men in their name.

But none of that really matters if razors are the worst. So with that in mind, we took a look at some customer feedback online. This is what we found. described shave as “well done and substantial” and said that “at no time lost control shaving or felt he was losing control.” This reviewer also praised the four razor blade, which has a strip of comfort at the top and a roller at the bottom which prevents the shaver to make full contact with the skin without removing the close shave aspect of the razor shaving. He also claimed that a cartridge was perfect for a week razor and razor was not noticeably more opaque to the end of the week. called the knife subscription program a “nice subscription, handy for men,” and he praised the razor to have a “good atmosphere, with a presence much more substantial in the hand of the typical disposable. ” reviewer also said that despite having a fairly thick beard, each razor to shave easily lasted a week, and multi-shaving design provided the needed close shave.

About shave

shave was created by a guy named Mark Hurson. To shave About Us page,, who will read a good story about how the company was founded:

“Our founder, Mark Hurson was visiting his wife who donates his time to your local food bank. Marcos was surprised when he discovered that there were only 2 razors available for a population of 50,000 people. the volunteers at the food bank explained that razors are a luxury that most people could not afford to donate. “

the company believes there is a strong connection between personal hygiene and self-esteem and dignity. By donating razors, the goal is to help homeless men to stand back and make a real difference in the world.

The company is headquartered in Ontario, Canada at the following address:

243 Broadway
Orangeville Ontario
Canada L9W1K6

can get in contact the company by email to [email protected]

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