Go For It: 5 Budgeting Hacks for Busy Girls

5 Budgeting Hacks for Busy Girls

If there’s one thing most of us can identify with, is not having enough hours in the day. Whether it’s work, school, family, or all the above, it is not easy to be a busy girl these days! Here in LaurenConrad.com we are always in search of solutions and time-saving tips to help our business partners busy. We have blogs about quick breakfast recipes makeup routines 5 minutes … And today we are entering in the budget.

This is an issue that almost all of us have to deal with, however, no one really wants to talk. It’s not fun, it is not attractive, and not easy. Or we think … We recently discovered a rather surprising for budgeting application, which made us think about this issue. Today, we are partnering with You need a budget (YNAB) to make a blog that most of you will find useful :. Hacks budgets for busy girls

For those of you who have never heard of YNAB , which will give a little information before entering the courts. YNAB web application is a personal budget (with companion apps for Android and iOS), with a user experience very easy and very useful tips and tools. They teach “Four Rules” absolutely change the way you think about your money … what we will get into later. But now, let’s get to the point in question. Without further ado, here are 5 budget cuts for all you girls out there busy.

YNAB has just launched a brand new web-based version with the features of smart budgets that make it even easier to be the boss of your money, including direct import, goals, age money , and many more!

# 1: Go Mobile

Budget tips for the girl on the go.

# 1 tip we recommend anyone to do when it comes to a budget it is mobile technology. We all have our phones in our hands at all hours of the day (and night), so why not balance its budget in the middle of Instagram and Pinterest breaks? We downloaded YNAB , which has become go-to application of LC equipment budgets. Not only carry all our budget at our fingertips, but also ensures that you never forget it. When we get notifications and see our application YNAB on our phones, which reminds us of the time, make sure that we will stay on track and stay accountable. And let’s be honest, if your budget on your phone, you are much more likely to pay more attention to it. And this is an advantage: You can also access all free online classes YNAB from your phone as well. They are free to all users, and are extremely useful when it comes to planning, money management and stay on track.

# 2: Follow the Rules 4

Did you know that there are four rules for money management? We did well. YNAB taught us about their Four Rules , which help to stop living a day, get out of debt, and save money faster. Here is the breakdown:

    • Rule one every dollar Give a job. This will never lose a dime. YNAB encourages you to budget to zero, which means leaving no dollars missing. Just ask yourself, “What do you need this money to do before you get paid again?” And every dollar allocated accordingly.
    • Rule two take charge of their actual expenses. Do not lie to yourself when you are preparing your budget. If you need those monthly manicure, add them in. It is the only way to budget properly. Look forward to larger expenses less frequent separate monthly amounts, so when you have that $ 1,200 you spend on Christmas (to facilitate mathematics, is not a recommendation or sentence), then one could say, “OK, the holidays is a bill / month $ 100” and, indeed, everything flows back to Rule One, you are giving every dollar a job, only that some of the jobs will today, and some will not take place so far in the future.
    • Rule Three- roll with the punches. People change, seasons change, budgets change. It is a fact of life. If the rent goes up, your salary goes down, or anything else, be flexible and save some for a rainy day, so small changes will not affect considerably.
    • Rule Age Four- money. YNAB encourages you to spend money that is older … which means spending money you did for at least 30 days. How to save money, your money will naturally age. And when you’ve been saving for something big, and it spends that money, which will go down. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The aim would be to never fall in 30 days, even when a large amount once it is spent.

# 3: I automate

The more you can automate, the better. This means automated bill pay, automatic transfers to your savings each month (you can budget), and automation of its budget, which YNAB handles.

# 4: Less Swiping, more cash

The one app that keeps our budget in check is on LaurenConrad.com today!

is very easy to get carried away and lose view your budget when you have a credit card in hand. Even if you’re monitoring their expenses using an application like YNAB to keep track of everything, and generally stay on top of your money, credit cards can get off track very quickly . You want to think about every credit card swipe as a single transaction, which is difficult if you are sliding 20 times a day. This is why it is recommended, especially to prepare budgets for beginners to ease up on cards and rely more on cash. When you have to physically have $ 20 in individual that helps give more context to how much is being spent, unlike a single swipe of a credit card.

# 5: I make it flexible

We found that the most important thing is flexibility. Especially when you’re a busy woman on the go! Therefore, we urge your budget as flexible as possible. Which is just one of the reasons why we love YNAB. Their plans change, change your mind, and your budget can and must change. Guiltless, simply adjust (which is very easy to do with YNAB) and move on.

Ready, action and budget!

Are you ready to get your budget in order? Well, we have just what help you out. You need a budget is offering all our readers a membership of 3 months free! Simply click here , believe, and that’s it.

Do you have any tips or tricks budget that swear by?

We would love to read about them, leave it in the comments!



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