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GlucoBalance is a product that helps control sugar levels in the blood of consumers suffering from diabetes. This is our opinion.

What is GlucoBalance?

Many people around the country suffer from diabetes, a serious disease that prevents your body to develop enough insulin to keep their blood sugar in the blood. This lack of control can make the person suffer from power outages with low blood sugar, and a lot of other side effects when your blood sugar is too high. Many diets and supplements are available to help control this important factor in the body, and GlucoBalance is one of those supplements.

GlucoBalance was created by Biotics Research in an effort to support healthy levels of blood sugar . It was created by doctors Johnathan Wright and Alan Gaby. According to their investigations and information provided by the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes have different dietary needs. For that reason, these people need to support your body with a certain amount of daily nutrients. These nutrients are not always sufficient with their regular food as the most severe cases of diabetes can not eat enough to be sufficient.

The product is recommended for people who have diabetes, while the management of other medical conditions. This formula is primarily recommended for:

  • Elders
  • Strict vegetarians
  • Pregnant women or period
  • People with restricted diets calorie.

These conditions put the consumer at risk of lower levels of potassium, magnesium, zinc, and chromium. Without these essential nutrients, your body can have an increase in intolerance, which makes him unable to properly regulate blood sugar. You can make your body intolerance worse carbohydrates.

GlucoBalance Ingredients

The reason for this formula is so effective is that the ingredients used in the mixture. There are several vitamins and minerals that contribute to the creation of sugar levels in the blood right. Vitamins are included are:

  • calcium
    • supports his bones
    • Promotes healthy blood pressure
  • antioxidants
    • fight against inflammation
    • fights free radicals
  • vitamin C
    • helps heal wounds
    • promotes healthy bone formation
    • maintains healthy blood pressure
  • vitamin D
    • it helps strengthen bones
    • potentially prevents hypertension and certain cancers, but this effect has not been demonstrated
  • vitamin E
    • stimulates the immune system to protect against diseases that can alter levels of blood sugar
    • widens the blood vessels to improve reception of oxygen
    • avoids blood clot in excess
  • niacin (also known as vitamin B-3 or nicotinic acid)
    • helps convert glucose energy
    • helps your body use protein and fat for energy
    • has been shown to help relieve stress and keep sex hormones Stead
  • Zinc
    • compatible with their immune system to reduce disease
    • plays an important role in wound healing and cell division, which can be inhibited in diabetic patients

Using GlucoBalance

a single serving of GlucoBalance is six capsules, which must be able to control your blood sugar. You do not need a prescription to use the product, which means you can keep your blood sugar in the blood freely. If the regular recommended dosage of the product is maintained, the bottle of 180 capsules should last a month before having to reorder.

Retail Price GlucoBalance

According to, the price ranges between $ 60 and $ 70 for a single month value of the product. However, if you do not have insurance, this amount is significantly less than their current medication.

Consumers who use this product must not voluntarily stop using their products prior blood sugar, even if you are managing your blood sugar levels in the blood accurately. If you feel that this supplement is better for you than what your doctor is prescribing, you should talk to him or her about making the change. Your doctor may recommend continued use of both products.

outlets GlucoBalance

, you can get more or less this supplement of any website that distributes vitamins. It does not require a prescription to buy, which means that anyone is qualified to buy it. Unfortunately, all sellers seem to be online to purchase, which means they are not able to just go pick up a bottle of your local pharmacy.

Biotics Research Contact

The main producer of GlucoBalance is Biotics Research, which is the company that will have to contact if you have additional questions. The main way to contact the company is calling 800-231-5777, but there is no indication of when the customer service department is open at this time.


Even directly from the website Biotics Research, there is little information about this product. Fortunately, all information provided is compatible with the use of this supplement to maintain levels of blood sugar, while also providing essential nutrients for the body. By working toward health of the whole body, this supplement is capable of handling more than control the level of blood sugar.

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