Glucerna – Nutrition Shakes & Snacks For Diabetics

Glucerna is a company that produces supplements and mixed for consumers suffering from diabetes or consumers they need to reduce their levels of blood sugar to avoid becoming diabetic. This is our opinion.

What is Glucerna?

More than 30 million people in the country suffer from diabetes, and even more have not been diagnosed with diabetes, when they should be. Diabetes is a disease that prevents the body from creating enough insulin. As a result, the patient experiences irregular levels of glucose in their body. While this definition may seem like diabetes is a tiny problem, you may suffer from a lot of dangerous conditions as a result of this condition. Luckily, Glucerna is available to help regulate blood sugar.

Glucerna creates products that are formulated to help people with diabetes. Their formulas are specifically designed to help metabolize sugars in a way that maintains glucose levels constant. By maintaining stable blood levels, diabetes remains under control.

There are many different mixtures that help maintain the level of blood sugar . You can combine these products with your meals, or you can have as snacks.

How Glucerna Works

All Glucerna products they have CARBSTEADY, which is a substance that helps the body digest carbohydrates slowly. Your body does not process carbohydrates naturally at a slow rate, but that depends entirely on the type of carbohydrates. If you live with diabetes, you need to ensure that all carbohydrates are used at the same slow pace, which helps prevent a sudden increase in the level of blood sugar.

Some food products generally processed at higher speed are white flour products or are natural starches. This product category includes products such as rice cakes, pasta and white break. The slow digestion of all carbohydrates means that the level of blood sugar remains constant, while you get to enjoy the foods you want.

Glucerna products

Each of the Glucerna products are safe for you to enjoy, if you have diabetes or not. However, since they are designed specifically for people with diabetes, who are able to keep that slow digestion of carbohydrates as you consume. And with these goodies, you have to not be limited in the same way you would with normal food.


Each shake contains the CARBSTEADY available substance described above. The shakes can serve as a meal replacement or snack as they contain 26 vitamins and minerals. Even if you are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to gluten, these shakes are completely safe for your dietary needs.

The company states that its formula for these shakes has been shown to provide a level of sugar in the blood more sustainable over four hours, unlike shakes offered by other companies. The shakes are available in sizes of individual portions, allowing you to take with you to work or in a unit of time when you need to keep your blood sugar in the blood.

Glucerna recommended to accompany the batter with other ingredients to make a smoothie that can be digested safely. In addition, you can pair with this protein shake or a salad for a well-balanced meal that is safe in their levels of blood sugar.

intelligent Hunger Shakes

The difference between standard milkshakes and smart hunger shakes is that shakes smart hunger are able to help you lose weight, while maintaining their levels of sugar blood. Each bottle has 15 g of protein, which helps you feel full. The shakes contain 6 g of sugar, but the CARBSTEADY that helps digest at the right speed. In addition, this formula contains the right amount of fiber to promote healthy digestion. Each bottle has 25 vitamins and minerals that are needed in their daily diet.

Advance Shakes

This formula includes shakes more intense version of the main ingredient, is known as ULTRA CARBSTEADY. This advances vegetable contains phytosterols, which also help support your heart formula. The formula contains antioxidants, and are safe for individuals are have lactose intolerance or are gluten free. However, if you have galactosemia, you should not participate in this drink.

This smoothie is a great addition to your coffee, and can be used instead of cream. In addition, a refrigerated beverage version is comparable to the sweetness of ice cream, without excessive amount of sugar. Fortunately, you can also drink alone as a snack or add it to your lunch.

Snack Bars

There are two types of snack bars – mini bars bite delight bars and crisp. Each formula has the same formula containing CARBSTEADY that beverages. There are many flavors of these bars, such as chocolate peanut.

Each mini bar is only 80 calories and contains 3 g of protein to help control appetite. The crispy bars delight, however, have 10 g of protein, so a little more forceful and more filling.

While these products are safe for people with lactose intolerance, they should not be consumed by people with galactosemia. Seem to be as abundant as a regular granola bar, but with a formula that helps control the level of blood sugar. It is a great addition to your lunch, or as a solution when you begin to feel their blood increased levels of sugar.

Contact Glucerna

If you have any questions about Glucerna products, which actually have three different options available for you. Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm EST, you can speak to a customer service representative by phone or through live chat feature on the website.

If your question is not urgent, you should try talking to someone via email. You will need to fill out the online form with your contact information to receive a response.


With so many people suffering from diabetes, Glucerna makes every effort to provide snacks and treats that are sure to enjoy. These treats help control the spread of glucose in the bloodstream, which means that consumers are at a lower risk of losing control of their blood sugar.

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