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Brighter is an innovative company that creates safe cosmetics and skin care for consumers and makeup artists. This is our opinion.

What it is brighter?

Brighter is a cosmetics and skin care that aims to create “new” essential elements for a variety of different age groups. Their products are simple and easy to apply, making them incredibly easy to use.

The company did not start with cosmetics or skin care, however. This company started with a blog called Into the Gloss. The blog was created by a woman named Emily Weiss, who just had a “passion for beauty.” As Emily ran her blog, she brought her camera along while interviewed a variety of people who admired about the products they use and what made those products work for them. She was able to interview the models, makeup artists, and other women with whom I was friends with.

Once the blog began to be more successful, Emily was able to leave his day job and continue pursuing its objectives. To shine is now a resource for beauty tips in many areas, which is available to the consumer every day. Emily has personally tried a variety of products developed and found.

Emily decided to create a product line that has a modern version of many “staples” in your beauty regimen. The formulas are safe for your skin, and are very durable. Brighter

Products available through

Each product brighter safe for all skin types . According to the brightest, their formulas have been tested by dermatologists . Each product created is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, no parabens, no alcohol.

Furthermore, these products must be kept at room temperature. The products do not have a specific date to be used for. However, if the products are kept unopened, they are safe to use for up to three years. If you open the product, which has six months to use for best results.

brighter offers two products makeup and skin care, together with specific sets that give you more value for your money. In addition, with each product, you are able to make your purchase a single transaction, or you can subscribe to receive the product on a regular basis.

Skin Care

The category skin care is quite minimal, making it easy for consumers to find a product without sifting through a lot of ineffective and unnecessary additional products. The line of skin care includes two different categories:

  • Daily Essentials
    • Via Jelly Cleanser ($ 18)
      • massage pumps 1-2 on wet skin to clean, or use 2-3 pumps on dry skin to remove makeup
    • Calming face Mist ($ 18)
      • Fog over the face after cleaning, but before applying moisturizer
    • Priming moisturizer ($ 25)
      • massaged into the skin after washing your face
    • Dye perfecting skin ($ 26)
      • smooth on the face clean and moisturized
    • Balm Dotcom ($ 12)
      • apply to any dry skin on the body
    • coconut balm Dotcom ($ 12)
      • shall apply to any dry skin on the body
    • Special Treatments
      • Mega Galaxy Green Package ($ 22)
        • Apply this mask to freshly cleaned skin, then let sit for 20 minutes before washing.
      • Moon Hydrating Mask ($ 22)
        • Apply this mask to freshly cleaned skin, then let sit for 20 minutes before washing.


The category of makeup is even smaller, including only three products:

  • Brown Boy ($ 16)
    • An eyebrow filler and shaper, which is available in three different colors
  • Generation G ($ 18)
    • A lip stain is available in four different colors
  • stretch corrector ($ 18)
    • A smooth concealer that will not crack nor stain


If you choose a whole, is very likely to get the most value for your money, which is essential when you are buying high quality products. The two sets focus on skincare and makeup separately.

  • brighter Phase 1 Set – Skin Care ($ 80)
    • Includes Via jelly Cleaner, Priming Moisturizer, Perfection of skin dye, and Balsam Dotcom
    • Select your skin tone from five different options
  • brighter Phase 2 Set – makeup ($ 50)
    • Includes Boy Brow, Generation G and stretching corrector
    • Select individual colors for each product

What makes brighter different?

The main difference between the brightest and other cosmetics companies is the ability to create a line of care simple and easy skin to use, that does not put too much emphasis on the application of a variety of colors. Young women are constantly focused on dramatic eye makeup and bold lip colors, but this company focuses on the basics of skin care, which is the most important part of any regime.

All products are designed to improve your skin and revitalize the skin, rather than cheap products that lead to breakouts and a dry and cracked foundation.

Where to buy brightest products

At this time, the only place you can buy skin care or cosmetics brighter directly through their website. Brighter is able to send all US states, and Puerto Rico. If you do not live in the US contingent, the shipping time may take longer. At this time, international shipping is not available.

There are four delivery speeds offered to make your purchase:

  • Standard (5-9 business days): $ 4.50
  • (4-6 days) floor: $ 8.00
  • Expedited (2-3 business days): $ 12
  • Rush (1-2 business days) $ 18

If you select the group Phase 1, however, you are able to get free standard shipping.

Discount products are currently available for makeup artists who want to use these products for its customers. At this time, makeup artists are able to get a 25% discount and free shipping if requested and approved in Program Artistry.

Contact brighter

If you still have questions brightest of its product line or orders can be sent by email to the company in [email protected] There seems to be a phone number that customers can call at this time.


brighter simplifies your daily routine, making it easy to determine which products are what you need. However, the limited product line does not offer some commodities for all young people, such as eyeliner or eye shadow. Fortunately, the above products have been thoroughly investigated and are safe for the skin of anyone.

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