Girl’s allergy to water is so extreme even a tear rolling down her cheek leaves her in agony

Just a drop of water on the skin causes agony for the student as Niah Selway which is one of only 35 people in the world with fierce


Student Niah Selway is in pain every day – however, she did not dare to mourn


for 17 years, so it is allergic to water even their own tears make your skin rash urticaria unbearable.

She is one of only 35 people in the world who suffer from aquagenic urticaria.

Darren Cold / Sunday Mirror Niah Selway, aged 17 at her home in Hastings, Sussex
Niah well for drinking and washing hands, but any body part that is not used to frequent exposure is affected

Niah said: “Living with her is a nightmare When water comes into contact with my skin feels like it’s on fire I’m in a lot of pain and.. there is nothing anyone can do. ”


Anti allergy washer cure girl, 9, of its crippling eczema

Distressing symptoms began when he was five but no one could solve the cause.

Therefore, like her friends, she went swimming, would get caught in the rain and splashed in puddles, suspecting it was the water that triggered his painful rash.

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Sunday Mirror Niah Selway who is allergic to water
living nightmare : contact with the smallest water causes skin Niah erupted in hives

But as he grew older Niah decided to investigate online. She said, “.. I found some stories One of them was a child in the United States suffering from the same thing and I was like, ‘Wow, I finally found a name for it'”

A dermatologist diagnosed aquagenic urticaria but no cure.

Niah – who can drink water without pain – explained:

[19459001″I’mtryingdifferentstrengthsantihistaminetoseeiftheycanhelpthelevelofmyreactionbuttheywillneverleave”] so the student brave business of Hastings, East Sussex, agree that you shall live with their discomfort.

When showering, Niah have to measure the time it soaks just right to make it as painless as possible. “I can be there for five minutes before it starts happening,” he said.

Darren Cold / Sunday Mirror Niah Selway, aged 17 at her home in Hastings, Sussex
Rare allergy: Niah Selway, 17 at his home in Hastings, Sussex

“But if I had to leave immediately that it would be worse, so I have to stay in the shower until it stops.

” Although the water makes me the reaction is water calming too. I can never tell how long I’ll be in the shower, as it depends on the level of my reaction.

“When I remove my makeup with baby wipes and use toner and moisturizer that really bites. My face burns for up to half an hour, but I have to.”

Hussain boyfriend hates to see suffering Niah. She said. “It is really horrible for him because I just need to be alone”

And the cruel allergy means that if it gets too much, just a tear makes the pain even worse.

Niah sighed: “It will begin to itch and really feel the pain and difficult to play.”

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