Girl who gave birth at 12 is pregnant again

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The young mother lives in an area with one of the worst rates of underage pregnancies in the country.

But still, the neighbors are surprised.

Not content with getting pregnant at 11 and gave birth at 12, her second child at the age of 14.

is expected today

The father of her unborn baby is 17 years old without work, so that the financial burden of supporting their growing family continue to manage taxpayers.

A neighbor on a council estate in Rotherham said: “She is giving the message that it’s okay to keep the pregnancy and the state just going to keep paying for it.”

schoolgirl family history is depressing reading.

His own mother was only 14 when she had, and became the youngest grandmother from Britain to the 26 first baby girl was fathered by a man of 23 years who was also the lover of his mother.

He was the father of a child with his mother, too, who was born ten days before it.

He was convicted of having unlawful sex and jailed for seven years at Sheffield Crown Court, but the sentence was halved on appeal.

She did not realize she was pregnant until she began to give birth in the bathroom of his family home.

The family had to be relocated due to advertising tracking and later claimed that the man had been raped.

However, the background of her second pregnancy, now in its seventh month, seems to be the most familiar one of “illegal” teen romance.

Her boyfriend is a paired home daily protection of his mother on the outskirts of town visitor.

According to neighbors who often stays up late, and sometimes overnight. States that will be next to her and help raise both babies.

But for the moment, at least, the family will have to rely on welfare.

The young father-to-be is believed to have been questioned by social workers and police, but have not been arrested.

said on pregnancy: “I do not mind it, succeeded But his mother is worried about her children being taken into care..” One of his friends said. “They are a very quiet couple They do not go to pubs or clubs or anything like that.

“they seem very close. It is a long-standing relationship, has been dating her for at least one year.

“He’s a little rascal. – Just one of the guys

‘She never wears makeup or flashy clothes she could act a little older than her, but they already have. child to display that’s because you have no choice. “

Yesterday girl’s mother would not discuss the situation.

asked about the status of her daughter she replied: “So what am I supposed to do about it”

She added :. ‘. A lot of nasty garbage is talking about my daughter and I will not say anything else “Then the door closed

Neighbors said the teenager had tried to hide her pregnancy for as long as possible, and now spent most of their time at home awaiting the birth

One said that many local people blame the mother of the girl for what has happened.

‘nobody really blame workers or social girls – who are in the house almost every week and they seem to be doing the best they can for her, “said

‘is your mother that everyone suffers, and people. you are avoiding the street.

“The mother has encouraged the relationship with the child and there is a lot of bad feelings.

seems like she will have to move to another area because of the animosity toward her.

“Most people around here are worthy work and hardware and would not let his son go into this type of disaster. “.

Local Labour MP Denis MacShane called for better sex education in schools to prevent more cases arise

He warned:”. Children are under immense pressure to behave like adults when they should be allowed to live as children

“Britain has unacceptably high rates of school-age pregnancy compared to the rest of Europe.

‘We need more support for families and the need to reintroduce the idea of ​​personal responsibility in all ages. “

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