Ginger and lemon drink and turmeric to get rid of fat and bloating

There are precipitating beverages we eat every day, either to reduce weight or to melt fat and abdominal fat, but it has to be those drinks that are based on herbs, safe and protected, including mixing turmeric with ginger and lemon, to discover the first benefits of the elements in this mixture:
contains vitamins (C) and is useful for colds and flus and colds and flu

reduces fat and fat, and increase LDL cholesterol resists

anti represents an important benefit to melt fat and fat because it stimulates circulation and increases calorie burning rate
What if the three herbs are met in a glass

cause these herbs joy and happiness and benefits of bilge, which strengthens the immune system and prevent colds and flu (where change between seasons and increased infection rates of colds), and the expulsion of gases, as they increase the metabolic rate (fat burning) and melt the accumulated fat, in order to facilitate elimination efforts Using a simple exercise.

Preparing drink

You need to work to drink the following ingredients: 3 cups boiling water, a tablespoon grated fresh ginger, ground turmeric fresh spoon, lemon slices and juice lemon 2.

boiling water and then put the ingredients and cover the pot, and leaves, and drink after a meal one hour 3 times a day for a period of one month.

can be eaten hot or warm on winter nights and sweeten with honey.


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