Getting happy isn’t actually that hard, it’s staying happy that’s the challenge!


hedonic adaptation.

You may not have ever heard the phrase before, but it almost certainly has experienced; and more than experience it, it is almost certainly one of the most important factors affecting their ability to experience real happiness, everlasting.


Well, the hedonic adaptation can be defined as “the tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable happiness despite significant positive or negative events or changes in life level.”

In the most famous study on this subject, conducted in 1978 by Phillip Brickman and colleagues at Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts, 22 lottery winners and 29 paraplegics were interviewed to determine changes in their happiness levels attributable to the specific event they had experienced (ie, win the lottery or paralyzed).

In short, and to the surprise of many, although both groups described the changes in their happiness in the short term (in the first months of the lottery winners were happier, and those with spinal injuries were less happy), in the longer term, several years later, both groups reported to be no more or less happy than they had been before the change in their circumstances.

Some have interpreted these, and similar results, in the sense that we all have a “set-point” happiness; a level of happiness genetically predetermined to be seated despite the circumstances of life or elections. Most, however, agree that if something is “set” is more likely to be a “range” instead of a point, since there is no doubt that our happiness is and can be influenced by the way we choose to live our lives each and every day (for example, if we choose to exercise or meditate, focus on the problems or what is going well, practice gratitude and / or building positive relationships etc.).

That said, there is no doubt, humans are remarkably adaptable; which explains another strong and well-known finding: that receiving a salary increase only leads to short-term gains in happiness. After a relatively short period of time, however, only get used to the higher level of income.

In summary, then, the wonderful human trait is adaptability, quality certainly helped us evolving in the incredible beings that we also might be the villain in the history of happiness. One of its biggest advantages when it comes to dealing with adversity and challenges and change, it could be one of our greatest weaknesses when it comes to enjoy sustained happiness.

Because no matter how things right to know, just got used to good; and then we want more good!

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