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Get Real Nutrition is a nutritional supplement retailer undertakes to provide, organic supplements without gluten, vegan for children as probiotics and drinks “superjuice”. Here is our opinion Nutrition Get Real.

What’s get real nutrition?

Get Real Nutrition is an American company that sells a number of different nutritional supplements, including a supplement to increase metabolism, a fermented superjuice drink, an omega and probiotic mixture.

Get real nutrition products are sold in grocery stores across America.

One of the main objectives of the company is to simplify the purchasing process for those who want supplements transgenic non-organic and real real :. Not only supplements that manufacturers have joined meaningless labels

and Get Real Nutrition is based in North Palm Beach, Florida family.

The Get Real Nutrition 10 Promises

The company is known for his 10 promises. All its products up to the following promises:

1) USDA Certified Organic

2) Free of Transgenics

3) Real Food

4 ) Vegano

5) Without Gluten

6) germinated

7) fermented

8) Allergens 8 free

9) Hand -cultivated

Packing 10) Eco-regenerative

If you’re like me, then you can not understand what some of these things mean.

USDA certified organic process is the number one most popular (and most important) US organic certification. There is a huge difference between a product that claims to be simply “organic” and therefore to claim their “USDA-certified organic”. Just called his “organic” product means nothing: no third party certification involved. USDA organic certification requires third party certification of the USDA.

Meanwhile, the true promise food means that the supplements contain.

“not concentrated extracts, isolated or synthetic Only real fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and seeds . “

means that all germinated seeds and legumes are grown in the traditional way because that’s the best way to” free and unlock the full potential. ”

fermented described as an “older technologies” that “not only pre-digested but transforms all the food into a higher form of nutrition.”

allergens 8 free means that supplements are free of the top 8 most common allergens in the world, including dairy products, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and wheat.

Finally, the Eco-regenerative packaging is a bit of a mystery. Get Real Nutrition seems to be the only company on the Internet that uses the term “eco-regenerative” for packaging. The company describes the package as “Setting a new standard for truly sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging.” Although not describe what that really means. The packaging is recyclable and compostable, and the company does not use plastic bottles, even though they do not disclose more details about the technology behind the containers.

Ultimately, the promises mentioned above give an idea of ​​what you get real nutrition is all about with their supplements and ingredients. The company is committed to a sustainable global and ecological approach to the manufacture of nutritional supplements.

If you are not willing to pay a little more for supplements that implement ecological, then promises, get real nutrition probably not the best choice for you.

Get products and nutritional supplements real

Get Real Nutrition separated from his line of supplements in four different sections. It calls these four sections Foundational Nutrition Program Core 4, and collectively address the most important health needs of the body. The four categories of supplements include fermented superjuice, multiple metabolites, actual Omega, and the probiotic Real.

Each category supplement is further separated into four different categories based on your health goals, including the brain (to increase cognitive ability), Fit (to increase athletic performance), cleaning (to rid your body toxins), and immune (to boost immune system functionality).

fermented superjuice

The fermented superjuice is a nutritional drink drinking every day for nutritional support. The four different mixtures superjuice target different health goals.

fermented superjuice brain, for example, contains ingredients such as purple corn, cranberries, carrot and purple combined with Chinese herbs and ayurvedic supposed to increase cognitive ability.

fermented superjuice Fit, on the other hand, contains the purple corn mixed with green leaf lettuce, blackberry, and spinach. The cleaning program adds ingredients like lemon, cherry and sweet pepper, while the immune mixture uses ingredients such as Granada, grape, and garlic.

There is no nutritional information listed by any of these drinks – so we do not know the exact dose of any of the ingredients or the amount of their covered RDI per serving. Instead, the company has just listed four of the ingredients in each supplement -. There is not enough information for those who like to be very careful with what they are putting into their bodies

Multi metabolites

Multiple alignment of metabolites includes four formulas (immune, internal cleansing, adjustment and brain) that promise to provide your recommended daily value of different enzymes and vitamins.

Some of the ingredients included in these mixtures are curcuminoids from turmeric, withanolides Ashwagandha, anthocyanins chia, terpenes ginseng, green tea and EGCG.

Again, none of the products of multiple metabolites comes with no nutritional information -. Therefore can not calculate the amount of your recommended daily value of any nutrients comes from each portion

actual Omega

actual Omega gives you a certain amount of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids various sources of seeds.

Again, Get Real Nutrition does not explain the amount of each fatty acid are getting the supplement. Oddly enough, some of the omega – like Real Omega Fit – also include caffeine and ingredients such as cinnamon and cocoa

Actual Omega makes no commitment to provide your recommended daily value of omega fatty acids. but it promises to give a certain amount of these fatty acids.

Probiotic actual

The actual probiotic alignment of the products claim to “take your digestive health to the next level” by using ingredients found in super foods Nigerians as ogiri and Dadawa. These foods contain high levels of probiotics -. Beneficial bacteria that are known to enhance intestinal health

Again, none of these product lists are accompanied by nutritional information. In cases where you can see the nutrition information, most of the ingredients are hidden behind proprietary formulas that make it difficult to determine the amount of any ingredient you are putting into your body.

Foundational Nutrition Program Core 4

The creator of getting a real nutrition, Jordan Rubin says he has worked in the field of nutrition for the past 20 years.

Jordan greatly promotes its Core 4 Foundational Nutrition Program. Conveniently enough, the program uses all four categories of nutritional supplements sold by Get Real Nutrition. The program works like this:

Step 1) Choose a real probiotic formula to start eliminating waste and detoxification of your body.

Step 2) Choose “inherit the wisdom of nature” powder multiple metabolites.

Step 3) Choose a fermented powder superjuice to increase their nutrient content more than 30 vegetables and fruit in each serving

Step 4) Choose a real formula Omega to get your daily recommended intake fatty acids

in this way, you can establish a solid foundation rock for your health that will help you achieve your health goals -. Or at least that’s the idea

What is the Eco-regenerative packaging?

You can learn more about packaging materials used in Eco-regenerative nutrition products Get real here:

This It involves the use of packaging bags compostable and recyclable materials 100%.

The company does not really explain the technology behind this package. It has been alleged to have want to leave a smaller carbon footprint by creating fewer empty bottles and less wasteful packaging.

How to Buy Get Real nutrition products

Get products real nutrition are sold in grocery stores across America – including location Vitamin Shoppe and many health food stores


you can check out a store locator to find a store in your area.

About Get Real Nutrition

Get Real Nutrition is run by founder and CEO Jordan Rubin. image and name of Jordan appears throughout the website of the company and packaging.

Get the executive team Real Nutrition include Ken Duke (COO), Jason Dewberry (OCM), Jason Longman (VP Sales) and Colt Morton (VP of Operations).

Get Real Nutrition gets many of its food from a “regenerative permaculture retreat” based in the Ozarks of Missouri. The farm is run by self Jordan Rubin, who says he has cultivated the land since 2009 according to the non-transgenic organic practices.

Jordan calls his farm Cure Planet farm.

The company is headquartered at the following address:

Get Real Nutrition
1201 US Highway One, Suite 350
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

You can contact the company by phone at 888-260-5088 or by email form here:

About Jordan Rubin

Jordan describes himself as “one of the most natural health experts recognized and respected in the United States.” He has written books such as The Maker’s Diet and 24 others.

has founded before companies like Garden of Life, described as a “leading food every company of nutritional supplements” and beyond organic, an “enterprise of organic food and beverages vertically integrated.”

Jordan claims to have suffered a health emergency at age 19 says this was a wakeup call that led him to realize that he had to take better care of their health.

Jordan currently lives in California.

Ultimately, Get Real Nutrition is a retailer of nutritional supplements with high-quality products that are sold across America. If you are willing to pay a premium price for certified organic food supplements, then Get Real Nutrition is one of the few that serves the market for premium supplements.

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