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healthy eyelashes naturally Ladies, when you bat your eyelashes do not want flitting like a butterfly? (Just admit it, there is no shame in a little vanity!) Long, thick, healthy lashes are definitely something to be desired. And useful, too.

tabs help protect the eyes from airborne particles such as dust and sand, and keep sweat and moisture. Indicate when to shut eyelids particles and keep bugs out, like a cat’s whiskers sense danger.

Purpose and beauty aside, what happens if you did not get delicious lashes from the beginning, what are you to do?

Makeup companies have created all kinds of masks that promise thicker, fuller lashes. But mascara can be very demanding on her eyelashes, especially if it is not removed safely and properly. When the product is dried or clumpy, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, so you need to pull every three months.

Then there is the option of eyelash extensions, but even that can get pretty expensive and high-maintenance. There must be a better way!

The growth of eyelashes

eye health vision Before we provide you with ways to promote eyelash growth naturally, we will explore how the tabs became those mini hairs that rely on our eyelids.

Like the hair on the head, arms and basically any part of our body, eyelashes grow in cycles. The phase in which the tab is called grows anagen and differs among individuals because of genetic and sex.

After the growth phase to enter catagen or phase short rest. Neither growth nor pigment is produced during this phase and can last between two and three weeks.

Publication of the resting phase began shedding phase – telogen . This is when new hair starts to grow and so the old hair begins to shed. These hairs are easily removed and will not hurt if you depilated. This is the phase, for example, when the hair on your head comes easily out – and no, it is not a sign of baldness. Spill occurs naturally for the new hair may emerge. The tabs can stay four to six weeks before a new grows, unlike eyebrows that can take up to 64 days.

Finally, if you are worried that your eyelashes tend to fall more, again, this is not a sign that will not grow back. Once a hair follicle stops another takes its place in the same follicle. As you can see, hair growth, no matter where it occurs, is a continuous cycle that is primarily based on their genes, not their pluck.

Remedies for eyelashes longer, healthier thicker: Natural artificial against

remedies for thicker, longer, healthier eyelashes As mentioned, there are several products that you can buy that can promote eyelash growth and thickness. To begin with, there is the option of mascara. Although this is not a permanent solution, which can provide the desired look temporarily.

Another option is the extension of the eyelashes. These come in a few forms. There is an option in which paste a row of tabs on the eyelid to create fullness and thickness. Another option is to get together individual strands on the eyelid to create a more natural look. Both products use a binding agent, a type of glue, and can be very expensive depending on the quality.

Finally, there are prescription options to achieve longer, thicker eyelashes. These options have months before you start to see results and once again can be quite costly. But as with any prescription medication there are some side effects. Some side effects given for a mainstream prescription medication tabs are:

  • itching, redness of the eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • darkened eyelids
  • darkened pigmentation of the iris (the colored part of the eye)
  • Hair growth around the eyes.

Unfortunately, some of these side effects may become permanent. And not to mention that each time taking drugs, either orally or absorbed through the skin, which is processed through our liver, which could create a health risk there too. Although medications can be effective, sometimes the risks outweigh the benefits, therefore, not so a great option.

Natural remedies, on the other hand, are often much cheaper and readily available. They tend to be safer for individual use. So if you are looking for ways to promote the growth of eyelashes, choose the natural route.

6 best natural, longer, healthier thicker

remedies for eyelashes

6 We have compiled the best natural remedies to provide the most healthy thicker eyelashes longer. One thing to keep in mind however is just like head hair, eyelashes should be brushed. This not only helps to promote growth, but the natural oils from the right follicle to the tip maintaining healthy hair wet and also move.

1. serum growth of natural lashes

119260486 You can create a serum growth of eyelashes that can help promote thicker, longer eyelashes. What you need is fractionated coconut oil, lemon and lavender oil. By mixing these ingredients that are not only promoting growth, but are also clean and nourish the eyelashes follicle up.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is beneficial for good health in general, so it is surprising that can help promote the growth of eyelashes too. Simply apply to the lashes every night before bed, using a clean mascara applicator and can promote the growth of eyelashes. In the morning, clean and within a few months, it should be enough to tell the difference.

3. natural growth of eyelashes: Castor oil

Castor oil, similar to coconut oil and olive oil, can promote eyelash growth. Castor oil nourishes the skin and can carry out all the impurities that lead to healthier lashes. Castor oil can be left at night or during the day, but can be quite thick so be careful how much is being applied to avoid irritation.

4. Vaseline

Dryness may lead to thin lashes looking, so petrolatum helps keep moisture. Moisture causes the eyelashes appear thicker and stimulated hair follicle help promote growth.

5. Diet for healthier lashes

A diet rich in healthy fats – think avocados – and protein is essential for healthier lashes. By feeding the body from the inside you can work to produce thicker, longer eyelashes. Eat foods like eggs, yogurt and fish for optimal growth of eyelashes.

6. eyelid massage

104278941 Like when you go for a body massage to feel better and more energetic, the same works for your eyelids. Massages promote circulation and blood flow, and blood flow is essential to the functions that occur in our body. Massage eyelids with clean hands can promote increased blood flow that can lead to growth of eyelashes.

Improve eyelashes naturally

If Hollywood look is what you’re aiming for, these natural remedies for thicker, longer, healthier lashes can get there. These methods are non-invasive and does not cost too much. Unlike other remedies that can lead to side effects, natural remedies are safe and can still achieve great results.

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