Genucel – Chamonix’s Stem Cell Eye & Skin Therapy?

Genucel is an eye treatment that helps you to recover the appearance of youthful skin tissue and beautiful around the eyes. This is our opinion.

What is Genucel?

Ge n is ucel ​​designed to help men and women to remove bags and bags under the eyes. While it is normal to look a bit washed out and being sleep deprived, often can solve these problems with a good night sleep . However, as you age, the dream of a night alone is not enough.

Your skin loses much of its elasticity over the years, which makes wrinkles and expression lines more noticeable as the years pass. In addition, the muscles around the eyes begin to weaken, which means they are unable to give the muscles around the eyes the same amount of attention they used to. Luckily, Genucel was developed to help recover those beautiful and youthful eyes that used to have.

Genucel is another of the many products that promises to help you get your young skin , but there is a question – the skin is malnourished and age is often difficult to properly hydrate. Without being able to fully absorb the product to be applied, it may not receive all the benefits.

This eye treatment, keep in mind that the Genucel Stem Cell Therapy eyes alone is not able to give you the results you want. According to all the surveys and clinical studies, the consumer was using the other products involved in the set at the time of the survey. That said, the flagship product in this set might actually be the formula Genucel immediate effect. However, in order to obtain any of the products, you have to buy as a package. This agreement will be discussed later in this review.

How Genucel works

Genucel is designed to address a number of problems that make your eyes look old and tired. The active ingredient in the product appears to be Eyeseryl. This ingredient is described as a “natural peptide”, which makes it effective in relieving inflammation and swelling around the eyes. This product contains 2% of Eyeseryl, unlike other brands that contain only 1%, which makes them less effective.

The PhytoCellTec ™ Malus domestica plant stem cells are one of the other predominant components in the formula. This ingredient is included to help give your skin a youthful appearance, which is a normal characteristic of this type of stem cells.

Genucel Other ingredients include seaweed extract green tea leaf hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen , Goji Berry Extract, and others. Each ingredient used has some anti-inflammatory properties or detoxification, leaving him with youthful and radiant skin. None of these products are new in the industry of skin care. Almost all anti-aging product on the market include the following types of ingredients, due to the soft possessing intensity.

Using Genucel

To use the Genucel Stem Cell Therapy Eye, you only need to apply a small amount of cream around and above the eyes. This system needs to be repeated twice a day. However, no instructions given for other products you will receive with your Genucel package.

The company offered a survey of consumers who have used the product. According to survey results, “a surprising number” of women who used the product were able to see changes in the skin around the eyes within 12 hours. Upon further investigation, it is found that this “surprising number” had only results so quickly when the eye cream therapy was used in combination with Genucel immediate effect.

Genucel Shopping and prices

The Genucel package has a current price of $ 139.95. With your purchase, you will receive:

  • Two tubes Genucel Stem Cell Eye Therapy
  • Genucel immediate effects
  • Esotique-RF with Matrixyl
    • A cream to remove fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
    • the results within 15 hours
  • L’essence Treatment of advanced neck
    • a cream of “softness” stretch the skin along his neck.

The set includes enough products for a period of two months. You do not have to pay shipping or handling your package.

Unless you read the fine print at the bottom of the checkout page, you will notice that the price for the package is not a one-time purchase; is the first of many payments are billed every three months. The company tries to amplify this little detail by stating that its price is locked in, which means that the amount paid will not change. Fortunately, you can cancel this recurring charge at any time.

How to Contact Genucel

If you have any questions about your order or any process, you can call the customer service line of the company at 800-754-6211. You can also send your questions by sending your message to [email protected]


Genucel makes many promises about the ability to take away from the fine lines and bags that form around the eye as you get older. While the most effective procedure involves a visit to a plastic surgeon, this treatment can moisturize the skin around the eyes, which promotes elasticity and smoothness .

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