Gene-engineered gut bacteria successfully treat sick mice — and could treat humans someday

Swallowing a pill is not always the best method of delivery of some drugs – for example, can not survive the journey through the stomach acids, or may be delivered all at once instead of gradually over time


To overcome these challenges, some scientists are trying to genetically modify microorganisms that take up residence in your intestines and churn out the same drugs.

Scientists have intestinal microbes, for example, modified in mice to produce vitamin A and avoid obesity .

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Now, researchers at the University of Florida have genetically modified the intestinal microbe Lactobacillus paracasei to deliver a protein to treat high blood pressure.

In the study, a group of hypertensive mice carrying bacteria has the protein, another group received only bacteria, and a third group received no treatment. After four weeks of twice daily treatment, researchers found that mice receiving the probiotic adjusted had reduced blood pressure, reduced thickness of the heart wall, and better heart contraction that is the group not treaty or the group that received only bacteria.

Researchers presented their findings, which have not yet been reviewed by experts earlier this month in the Council of American Heart Association at the meeting of hypertension.

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