FungiCure Maximum Strength Anti-Fungal Formula

FungiCure is a liquid anti-fungal sold in Walgreens, Amazon and other major retailers. Here is our opinion as to whether or FungiCure not work as advertised to reduce foot fungus.

What is FungiCure?

FungiCure is a liquid anti-fungal exposed promises to kill fungal nail bed using a solution that provides maximum force protection broad-spectrum anti-fungal.

Priced at around $ 11 for a 1-ounce container of liquid, FungiCure contains an ingredient (a specific type of acid) that kills fungi 6 different types of bacteria causing the infection. These bacteria are usually linked with athlete’s foot, ringworm, and other hazardous conditions.

to apply the liquid on their surfaces exposed to the nail bed stop fungal source . You can also apply it around the entire nail and under the fingernails to provide a wider range of protection.

How does FungiCure work?

FungiCure promises to be the maximum strength formula you can buy without a prescription. As mentioned above, FungiCure contains an ingredient that kills 6 different types of fungi causing infections.

After applying the liquid on surfaces exposed to the nail bed, which protects areas of the nail where the nails are missing, cracked or broken open.

When left unprotected, these regions may harbor fungi, which can become a problem in the unpleasant foot.

FungiCure manufacturers recommend that you apply the solution which can be reached with the applicator brush.

The ingredient in FungiCure (undecylenic acid) is recognized as safe and effective by the FDA, according to the manufacturer.

that the acid is used to kill 6 different types of infection-causing fungi that are directed feet, including T. rubrum, E. floccosum, T. mentagrophytes and M. canis, M. Gypseumand T. tonsurans. These bacteria work in a similar way yeast or mold: they live in a natural environment in dark, moist places and survive by absorbing nutrients from the surfaces on which they grow. In this case, these bacteria can live off the surface of your foot.

FungiCure manufacturers claim that the liquid is effective for ringworm and athlete’s foot preventive measure. However, if symptoms of any of these conditions persist for more than 4 weeks, you should consult a doctor.

FungiCure Ingredients

So what are ingredients that fight fungi within FungiCure? The liquid contains only one active ingredient, called undecylenic acid, used at a concentration of 25%.

Other inactive ingredients in the formula include aloe vera gel, fragrance, hypromellose, isopropyl alcohol (70% v / v), purified water, and vitamin E.

undecylenic acid is the part that really kills the bacteria. Meanwhile, the manufacturer claims that other ingredients – such as vitamin E and aloe vera gel -. Have been added to the liquid to soothe damaged skin, promote healthy nail growth, and provide anti-inflammatory benefits

Other products FungiCure

FungiCure is not only a liquid solution: manufacturers FungiCure produce a wide variety of creams and liquids, including all of the following characteristics:

  • Cream Pie Athlete FungiCure
  • liquid FungiCure
  • FungiCure manicure and pedicure
  • FungiCure intensive liquid
  • FungiCure liquid gel

Each of these treatments works in a similar manner :. They fungal infections combat using undecylenic acid and other ingredients

How to Buy FungiCure

FungiCure is available without prescription in pharmacies and stores across America. You can also buy at Here are some of the prices discovered at the time of writing:

  • Amazon: $ 10.54 for a fluid ounce bottler 1 FungiCure
  • Walgreens: $ 10.99 for a bottle of liquid 1 ounce FungiCure
  • $ 9.99 for a bottle of 1 fluid ounce of FungiCure

Who does FungiCure?

FungiCure is made by a company called Alva-Amco. the company page About describes itself as “a leading US production of pharmaceuticals without a prescription specialty, dietary supplements, and skin care products sold in major pharmacies , supermarkets and convenience stores throughout North America and a growing number of international markets. ”

The company traces its foundation in 1904. Today, Alva-Amco has 20 brands. The best known brands offered by the company are Diurex, which is a line of menstrual diuretic products, Psoriasin, which is a topical treatment of psoriasis, and Nauzene, which is a product line for nausea.

You can learn more about Alva-Amco of Pharmacal Companies, Inc. by visiting

The company is headquartered in Niles, Illinois. You can contact by calling 1-800-792-2582 (within the US) or 1-847-663-0700 (outside the US).

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