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For most women, hair care is more important – it is a necessary step to cultivate an appearance that one can be proud. What most hair care companies do not realize is that not all hair it is created. Hair differs in terms of texture, composition, appearance and health.

Accordingly, what works for one woman certainly can not work for others. To try to combat this widespread problem, a brand has developed a solution interesting hair care called function beauty. Here’s all you need to know about the brand to meet your hair.

What is the role of Beauty?

In the simplest form, Function Beauty is a customized solution hair care . Unlike most brands of hair care products marketed to women as a whole, this brand really listens to you about what you need in a product hair care and develop a customized solution for your needs.

The personalized approach is intended to provide the accuracy, quality, and the formula that works best for the type of hair you have. Once created the solution in the bottle, which is conveniently sent to your door for the hair can reach their full potential.

The purpose of the function of Beauty

The brand currently offers 450 different combinations of products that can be created for the needs of your hair only. The creator of the company, the CEO Zahir Dossa explains, “Most of the products that will cater to either a type of hair or a specific target. Very few serve multiple objectives.”

Essentially, the difference between the role of beauty and other brands is that this brand caters to your specific hair care needs rather than provide a generic product that can actually do more harm than good. That the hair products developed are known as “chemicals.”

The purpose of a chemical

Chemicals are support staff the brand ‘who are responsible for guiding you through the process of creating the ideal for their needs hair product. Once you log on the website, you may lose you as to how to choose the right formulas, flavors and ingredients. Fortunately, you can open a chat with the chemical, which will assess the type of hair you have and then ask you want you are looking to do with your hair. For example, the chemical may ask what their goals are for hair, ie, if you are looking for brightness, a straighter appearance, volume, and so on.

Following the release of its objectives for the hair, the chemical will help you choose the right formula for your hair so you can achieve your goals hair. Best of the formulas of the brand is that they are completely unique and customized solution for hair . You can finally have the beautiful hair that you are looking for, without all the hassle of spending hours in a store. To develop the product for the right hair, the company uses a software algorithm that measures the exact formula is needed for both the shampoo and conditioner.

A function of Ti

When creating your bottles of shampoo and conditioner by choosing your profile hair, the length of your hair, frizz composition, extreme remedies party, and even small details like scent – you will notice that the brand does not call the personalized bottle “in terms of beauty.” instead, the word “beauty” is replaced with your name. For example, if your name is Jane, the bottle reflects that and say “Jane function.”

With this in mind, it is not only the brand to help women develop a positive image of themselves, but also makes use of the products as easy and uplifting gifts. You can create for your family members or friends of their own bottles of shampoo and custom condition and they gift with their own name on the bottle, which is a fairly orderly and effective idea that most women will love.


Custom products are known to be more expensive, but when it comes to the role of beauty, the founders, really try to make it more reasonable and affordable as possible. After all, every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.

The cost of a set of 8-ounce bottle is $ 26, while a set of 16 oz will cost $ 38. A “game” is a bottle of shampoo and condition. While this may seem a bit expensive, it is best to note that the low-end brands are sold for up to $ 15 per bottle, while a high-end can reach $ 50. Therefore, with this customized solution , which they are able to settle in a comfortable way that does not hurt your wallet and it’s much better for your particular hair type and needs.

You can also buy several different ways to see which works best for you. In addition, due to the hundreds of different combinations, it is very unlikely to ever get bored with the creation of new bottles.

Moreover, if you look at the web, you can find coupons for your first purchase, which so far have reached 5% off.

as convenient as it gets

Although there are certainly many wonderful things about this brand, one of the greatest features is that this shampoo and conditioner brand is as easy as it gets time choosing a product and having it delivered to your door.

The brand really makes every effort to deliver timely manner and keep completely intact packaging during transport to get exactly what you expect.


Generally, if you are looking for a completely different way to approach your hair care needs, then this brand is the same. With over 450 possible combinations that can be applied to your hair, you are bound to find something that not only works, but it gives you the exceptional confidence, satisfaction and happiness.

Women who have already tried the brand have loved what you have to offer and is unlikely to be an exception.

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