Full Guide to Medical CheckUps to Keep You Healthy at Any Age

Guide to Medical Check-Ups

health is the most important aspect of anyone’s life. As a matter of fact, it should give maximum effort and attention it deserves. A lot of resources and time that will make ourselves healthy and feel good.

At each stage of life in the old factorization frequent medical checkups are needed to determine if one is in a good state of health.

checks do reduce the chances of a preventable disease get sick or worse in health. A qualified doctor should perform the test and give recommendations to follow. After all, prevention is always the key to longevity.

The even more common killer diseases are golf cancer and cardiovascular disease. regular medical checkups and medical examination can save your life due to early detection and prevention and that is why we have compiled a list of possible health risks and their corresponding tests.

Health Risks in the 20


  • Melanoma- of cancer death in adults between the ages of 25-29. It can also happen that cancer patients between ages 15-25 .
  • human papillomavirus- is the leading cause of cervical cancer and can begin to develop in the early 20s for some people.
  • breast cancer- affects women of all ages, especially those in their teens and above. The chances of developing breast cancer is increased in those with a family history of breast cancer.


  • Testicular cancer – most common among men aged 20 to 39.
  • Melanoma- This type of cancer that has been shown to increase by 3.1 percent each year.


  1. annual skin check is very important. The dermatologist should check signs of skin cancer.
  2. Blood pressure should also be checked at each visit to a doctor.
  3. Pap test and pelvic examination should be conducted annually.
  4. Any man over age 20 should have a testicular exam.
  5. Cholesterol tests should be performed after every five years.

Health Risks in the 30

  • Type 2 diabetes -. 20 percent of women over age 30 have type 2 diabetes, men of the same age are no exception
  • Colorectal cancer -. this mainly affects men in the age of 30 to 40
  • Heart disease – is the murderer number one men over 35 years


  1. testing blood sugar every five years thereafter.
  2. Detection of prostate cancer and colorectal.

Health Risks in the 40

  • Ovarian cancer -. Most women suffering from ovarian cancer in this age
  • male cancers – men over 45 are likely to get any type of cancer if they have a background of cancer in its history family and testicular cancer is the most common
  • .


  1. annual mammography for all women and ovaries of women in the menopause.
  2. annual skin exams and prostate exam often especially for those who have problems with urination and pelvic pain.

Health Risks in the 50

  • Osteoporosis -. Half of the women in this most likely cohort is break a bone due to osteoporosis
  • Colon cancer – is a deadly type of cancer that affects both men and women between 54 60.
  • Stroke -. occurs mostly before the age of 65 years and the risk doubles after each decade


  1. exam bone density after 3 years.
  2. coronary annually including ECG screening.

Health Risks in the 60

Stroke, colorectal and colon cancer is very common and affects this group of people with a high probability of death.


  1. The screening colonoscopy should be performed every five years
  2. Prostate exam and Pap test should be done.

The conclusion is that the old you, no matter that prevention is the only way to better health. Follow this simple guide to medical checkups if you want to maintain good health and a calm mind in youth and the golden age.


By Egline J.

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