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Life is much easier when you do not have to go shopping. Visit numerous grocery stores, looking for batteries produce quality fruits and vegetables, and scouring the aisles of nutritious and delicious products is infuriating.

The alternative and most efficient solution in time is to opt for a delivery service that provides the power and consistency that you can trust the quality. These days, more people are starting to prefer home delivery services for their products and food products and now you can too.

from the farmer should be one of your best options in services delivery. Here’s all you need to know about from the farmer.

About from the farmer

From the farmer applies a simple idea, which is “to provide good food to good people.” In order to meet this standard, the company is able to provide food deliveries at home that are consistent in quality, nutrition and treats. Like most brands of small food distribution, it focuses on healthy foods that support the local economy in your area. In this way, you can retrieve or begin to develop their joy of cooking and creating fresh and tasty food for your family.

Started by two Denver native foodies

Most food companies supply similar house are initiated by farmers or those who have experience in the food industry. Since the farmer is a little different. The brand name does not literally mean that the brand belongs to two farmers, but instead, is run by two graduates of the University of Denver that aim to ensure that food from local farmers directly to your table.

The two graduates began their brand as Farmer From campus organization and today, has become one of the brands most beloved food distribution in Denver and other cities.

procurement rules

farm to table Each brand has different rules of supply. Some brands only buy organic products, while others provide only local homegrown. When it comes from the farmer, the name of the standard explains perfectly.

In this case, the mark is farmers who emphasize the welfare and health of the animals, land, crops and employees.


When deciding on farmers for their products, from the farmer chooses only producers using sustainable farming practices. For example, farmers do not pesticides or herbicides in their products. Once fruits and vegetables are at their ripest, which are collected and packaged so they can be sent home. Thus, the product receives is at its maximum level of freshness.

The Butcher Shop

The carnage has meat and poultry products. The elements of the carnage that are added to your basked are grass-fed, pasture raised, and do not feed GMO-free food. As a result, the brand ensures that the meat is safe and of good quality. Moreover, to ensure quality reception on a consistent basis, from the farmer he has developed strong relationships and long-term local butchers in your area.

Product available

Finally, the brand also offers food supply. These foods include snacks and wheat products that are made with a high level of care and attention. To find the best products of foresight, from the farmer runs markets open country code. The conclusions of the mark are excellent additions to your pantry. In addition, they form the farmer is focused on ensuring that these items do not contain dyes, syrup, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and substances that can not pronounce. After all, if you can not pronounce an ingredient, probably you should not be eating.

Overall, farmers and producers who provide the elements involved in its From Farmer basket are passion, connected and transparent about the process of growth and production. If you really want to see how transparent from the farmer and his producers are, all you need do is visit the website of the brand. On the site, you will find many photos of farms, rowers, suppliers of meat, and more. It really is an amazing process that can feel proud to be part of.

How from the farmer delivers fresh food

Handing fresh foods is not like most grocery stores defined. For example, this does not mean that buying products from South or Mexico, cooling, America and put it in a large tray in the store. Fresh food is the result of the close relationship with farmers and food markers, like the Farmer implements.

The brand focuses on building ties with local farmers in the community. The result is that the brand is able to bring items directly from the earth to your door – all in less than 24 hours. As explained by the brand and is clear, “there is not much fresher than that!”

easy shopping experience

Some food distribution brands online are great, but the buying process is too complicated and prolonged. Fortunately, from the farmer he makes things easy with their dedicated team. The team works hard to create a positive shopping experience that is compatible with their needs and interests of food. You will find that each product has information on ingredients, producer, and source.

also are not online during the process. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to approach the mark. The representatives are always ready to answer your questions and listen out.

Product availability varies

Another feature to note about this brand is that the availability of products varies constantly. While Stirrup are mostly available, other elements, such as certain products are affected by the crop, season and growing conditions. While this may seem a disadvantage, it is actually good for your table, because it means that you are still getting the freshest items they really are in season -. As should be


from the farmer it is an excellent brand that can be trusted to bring high quality and delicious food straight from the farm to the table. With strict standards and attention to detail, the brand is able to offer nothing less than the best. You can feel the food enjoying happy and healthy is done with the best standards and growing conditions. To get started, visit the website of the brand today.

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