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Oily hair is a common hair condition in humans, one of the four main types of hair conditioning: normal, oily, dry and oily. Oily hair can kill all the effort a person invests in looking good on a special day. It is difficult to comb oily hair. Excess oil can also cause skin problems.

There are many ways to get rid of oily / greasy hair. These include changing how hair is washed, the products used and a number of natural remedies. Following the home remedies listed below may help you control excess oil.


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aloe vera

It is known that aloe vera is a magical wonder for many health and skin conditions, so it is not surprising that it can work wonders when it comes to oily or oily hair. Combining your mild shampoo, a tablespoon of lemon juice and aloe vera can help you fight oily hair. A mixture, like this one, should be used as many times as a person shampoo their hair. Washing your hair with aloe vera for three weeks in a row can provide the desired results. Aloe vera can also be used as a conditioner. A mixture of fresh aloe vera gel and apple cider vinegar, when applied to wet hair, conditions the hair and removes fat.

Lime juice

It is known to be a remedy for dandruff, lime or lemon juice in the treatment of oily hair. Lemon contains citric acid that treats sticky hair and also fights bacterial infections. Be sure to wash your hair after the juice has been absorbed by the scalp.


In addition to drinking tea for health benefits, did you know that rinsing hair with tea leaves can condition hair ends like nothing else? Apply tea liquor when it is warm; Tea leaves act as astringent in the treatment of oily scalp. This is due to the presence of tannic acid in tea.


Washing your hair three times a week can prevent the accumulation of oil in the pores of the scalp. Washing your hair regularly will remove it from dirt and sebum that can cause sticky and oily hair.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the scalp

There are people who love to move their fingers through their hair. This is a bad habit, as it leads to greater oil secretion. Scratching the scalp from time to time or drying the scalp too hard can also act as a deterrent to control oil secretion.

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