Four Ingredients That Should Not Be Stored In The Refrigerator

refrigerator is a device that, thanks to its ability to lower the temperature, keeps food fresh and healthy. It is good to have some ingredients in the refrigerator, but there are ingredients that, if kept in the fridge, they lose their flavor and their durability is reduced. Here are four foods that have in the fridge, and we do not need.


onions should be stored in a bag point at room temperature. However, it should not be stored near potatoes, as they emit gases and accelerate the decomposition process.


Garlic should be stored similar to onion -. At room temperature in the bag point


Potatoes must be stored in a dark, dry place at about room temperature. Low temperature destroys the flavor of the potatoes.


Most people keep it in the refrigerator, but this it is like tomatoes lose their flavor. For this reason, experts recommend tomatoes to be kept in a plastic bag at room temperature. If you want to get mature store it in a paper bag tomatoes.


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