Four Essential Oils for First Aid

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By Jaclyn Harwell , contributing writer

Summer is full of opportunities to play with water amusement, cookouts, holidays .. . there is much to celebrate when the sun is out! But with these fun activities as the need to keep everyone safe and healthy. Did you know that you can use essential oils for bruises, bites, cuts and scrapes? In this case, we will show four essential oils that help with all this and more!

I love getting to essential oils bruises, bee stings, and all other ouchies my four boys get into our house! They have been immersed in essential oil chest since that summer, and I love when they come asking for me to cure any ailment that happen to have with essential oils.

Here are four essential oils that are great for purposes of first aid:

Helichrysum italicum

One of the unique most healing oils, Helichrysum italicum should be in the kit worldwide Known as the oil # 1 for wound healing, Helichrysum italicum

  • helps heal cuts, scrapes and other open wounds,
  • helps the healing process by stimulating the growth of new skin cells
  • helps heal and regenerate nerves and repair connective tissue
  • it is one of the best essential oils for bruises, inflammation, muscle aches and sprains,
  • can help increase muscular endurance,
  • helps to treat many types of burns.

Helichrysum italicum is that essential oil who do not want to be without while traveling this summer. Buy Helichrysum italicum here .

Tea Tree

Both antiseptic and soothing tea tree is essential for a first aid kit tea tree :.

  • supports immune system and respiratory health, but best of all can help cure a number of diseases of the skin, including cuts, scrapes, and rashes skin
  • may be useful for annoying problems such as lice, or fungal infections like ringworm or yeast
  • is one of the great essential oils for bruises, as it is anti- inflammatory, so massage a small amount directly on a bruised area can help reduce swelling and inflammation.

Tea tree oil should generally be diluted in a ratio of about 4-8 drops per 1/2 tsp. traces of oil. Purchase tea tree essential oil here .

Clove Bud

is also good for fighting infections of all kinds, clove bud is another versatile oil to have on hand for first aid needs clove bud :.

  • is good for skin conditions, including scabies and athlete’s foot
  • is antimicrobial and help prevent infection in cuts and scrapes,
  • accelerates the healing of wounds, due to its anti-inflammatory properties circulating blood.

Clove oil seed also be diluted in a ratio of 4-8 drops per 1/2 tsp. carrier oil because it is a “hot” oil, meaning it can burn the skin easily. The delightfully spicy scent will, however, heat and energize you. Buy clove bud essential oil here .


appreciated for its antiseptic qualities, Rosemary essential oil is great to keep in your first aid kit. Romero

  • is ideal for boosting immune system
  • speeds healing, fending off infection,
  • helps clean air passages and fight respiratory infections such as sinusitis and bronchitis.

essential oil of rosemary even help with brain and memory function, which helps keep stress at bay so you can enjoy summer parties. Rosemary should also be diluted when used topically. Buy rosemary essential oil here .

His first solution of essential oil of aid

know it can be a little intimidating to figure out what relationships are best when they combine to create the perfect mix. If you are not familiar with essential oils, it can be downright confusing to choose the most suitable for each use.

Not to mention, if you’re just starting to build your collection of essential oils, can be expensive to buy several individual oils. That’s where the synergy blends come to the rescue!

oil Rocky Mountain first aid mixture synergy is the perfect combination of all the above oils to accelerate healing of a series of injuries. It is the perfect way to use essential oils for bruises, bites, stings, burns, cuts and everything else under the sun (summer).

Four Essential Oils for First Aid

It was created to help rebuild the connective tissue that has been damaged due to injury, and it can be used to help heal old scars and even new.

The oils in this blend not only help with all kinds of first aid needs, they also help move blood to the organs, which improves liver function and circulation. In addition, you can count on first aid to help strengthen your respiratory, endocrine, and immune systems.

Finally, first aid reduces mental fatigue and increases clarity and alertness so you can go strong while enjoying summer with their kiddos, they never seem to get tired!

I love having a pre-made mix so I do not have to calculate the coefficients or to determine what oil to use for what purpose.

If my son gets chopped (not long my seven years ago, was the capture of bees … yes, minced), falls and scrapes his knee (my daughter two years old, is good at it), a bruise gets (like my rough and tough four-year-old often does), or to create a sunburn (like my clear older skin tends do) first aid is the appropriate remedy.

For more information about using essential oils safely with children, read Rocky Mountain Oils ‘tips here .

Have you used the essential oils of first aid? What do you like best?

Four Essential Oils for First Aid

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