Fountain by Deciem Phyto-Collagen Molecule

By Anne K.

I am new to the truth in an aging community and was asked to prove the Source by Deciem Phyto-collagen molecule ($ 40), a supplement of concentrated beauty. I am healthy and in my early fifties – but the data I’m in my forties. My skin is oily and quick to get on the cysts and pimples when I apply any product with oil. I am currently using an antioxidant serum, cream firming serum, and matrixyl product morning and evening with focus on the deeper lines and areas of sun damage.

beauty supplements seem to be a part of fast-growing supplement industry. Pills, powders, juices and elixirs are popping up everywhere with promises to improve hair, skin and nails. But do they really work? I had no great expectations when I started using this product. However, study published in Pharmacology skin and Physiology found a significant improvement in the skin elasticity using 2.5 grams of collagen hydrolyzate (CH) to through an eight-week trial.

The source line has more than 10 supplements liquid beauty, including the beauty of the molecule (resveratrol), the molecule Hair (silicon and biotin) and Phyto-Collagen molecule (hydrolyzed collagen, phytoplankton wild, L-glutathione and hyaluronic acid). I was sent a sample full size Phyto-collagen molecule containing 5 grams of hydrolyzed fish collagen per serving, xylitol, natural apple flavor, citric acid and potassium sorbate (preservative) . Eight ounces to 2 teaspoons per day offers about seven weeks of treatment in a bottle.

The package is very attractive with a box of kraft paper and clear labeling. The product itself is an intense golden liquid, somewhat viscous which has the consistency of maple syrup at room temperature. The fluid is extremely sticky, so the challenge is to keep clean the bottle. It has a screw-off, but probably benefit more than one system of the pump. I kept mine in a dish to help prevent cluttered countertops.

I would describe the sour taste undiluted as unpleasantly with a bite of citric acid. The label implies that natural apple flavor is added, but the product has no odor or taste of apple. I do not like to drink straight from the bottle; however, it dissolves readily in water. When the size of the serving (2 tablespoons) with at least 4 ounces of water is diluted, the taste is much less intense and easier to disassemble.

After about ten weeks of testing, I have noticed a slight difference in the tension of the skin under the chin and neck. Unfortunately, I have not seen significant changes to the elasticity of the face or my smile lines. And while the liquid can be more convenient for people who do not enjoy taking pills, probably I prefer a mixture of collagen drink powder to this.

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