Force Factor Cannabol – Intra-Workout Supplement

Force Factor Cannabol is a bodybuilding supplement during training that promises to give your body the energy it you need to complete their training. Here is our opinion Force Factor Cannabol.

What is the strength Cannabol Factor?

Force Factor Cannabol is a nutritional supplement that works as an intra-workout. Because it ensures that your cells the energy they need to complete their training and maximize profits.

If you’re curious about the name, Cannabol actually has nothing to do with cannabis or cannabidiol or any of the other products we’ve seen using “Canna – “to start their names. Instead, Cannabol is a combination of anabolic cannibal.

The “cannibal” part of the name comes from the fact that the supplement includes the same proportion of amino acids as human muscle, which means you’re a bit to eat himself (as a cannibal – get it? ). And the anabolic part refers to the metabolic cycle body growth.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, some of the specific benefits announced by Force Factor include:

– Improve muscle anabolism
– prevent catabolism
– Improve times recovery

As explained by the manufacturer, these benefits help to “recover faster, train harder and get bigger.”

All these benefits sound great -. Especially for those of us who get a little tired in the middle of a workout

But Cannabol Force Factor Really Work? Let’s take a look at the ingredients and processes.

How does Force Factor Cannabol work?

Cannabol Force Factor promises to flood the cells of your body with the nutrients they need to stay strong and active.

The nutrients include things like riboflavin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Force Factor Cannabol contains just over 100% of your daily value of all these ingredients by 14 grams.

Meanwhile, other ingredients include niacin (50% DV), folic acid (63% DV) and phosphorus (8% DV). There are also small amounts of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Together, all these vitamins and minerals only add to about 20% of the ingredients in each serving. The remaining ingredients are within a matrix “Amino Acid Anabolic” which is 14,000mg 11,636mg of each portion.

This matrix includes key as amino acid L-leucine 4000mg and popular as L-lysine, L-phenylalanine and L-threonine amino acid ingredients. There is also something called a “Compound Cell Protection last” uses ingredients such as anhydrous betaine (1500 mg) and a mixture of electrolytes.

One thing that does not contain Factor Cannabol Force is caffeine. So if you want to avoid taking more challenging in the middle of your workout, then Cannabol Force Factor could be a valid option.

Force Factor Cannabol Ingredients

This is what the table full ingredients Cannabol looks like:

Force Factor Cannabol Ingredients

As you can see , we only know the specific dose of a handful of ingredients. The remaining ingredients are hidden within large proprietary formulas.

Usually, a manufacturer wants to advertise your dosage of different ingredients. Force Factor, for any reason, rarely dosage information of any of your bodybuilding advertised. This can make it difficult to assess the benefits of the supplement.

Fortunately, some of the ingredients come with dosage information.

L-leucine, for example, is shown as having a 4000mg dose. If checks recommended in dose, you will find that the L-leucine is typically taken in a range of 2,000 to 5,000 mg, which makes Cannabol towards the upper end of the dosing interval – which is big.

An anhydrous betaine ingredient called also causes a significant amount (1,500 mg) portion of each 14,000mg. What exactly is betaine anhydrous?

Anhydrous betaine is actually a chemical naturally occurring in the body. It is used for a variety of applications today. It is found in toothpaste, for example, and FDA has approved to the treatment of “high levels of homocysteine ​​in urine of a chemical called”. also mentions that the chemical helps metabolize homocysteine, which is a chemical that plays a critical role throughout the body, including blood, bone, eyes, heart, nerves and brain.

The remaining amino acids are popular BCAA can be found in many different protein powders and Supplements intra-workout and are well known for their ability to increase time muscle recovery.

Force Factor pricing Cannabol

Cannabol Force Factor is available only through force and CNG factor. This is how the pricing is broken down into each website

-Official Website Force Factor (30 x 14g servings): $ 49.99

-GNC (30 x 14g servings): $ 49.99 ($ ​​45.99 member Price CNG)

can also save 5% off your order by signing a program for automatically sending CNG, which receives deliveries additional Cannabol of Force Factor every 30 days to 180 days (you can choose how often).

Working Factor Certain supplements can also be found at other retailers of bodybuilding supplements. You can see these retailers here .

About Force


Force Factor is a Boston-based company launched by two Harvard graduates in 2009. The company claims to employ a team of researchers trained Harvard and MIT who are responsible the creation of all formulas made by the company.

Some of the other popular supplements include acts of Force Factor Test testosterone booster X180 nitric oxide booster Volcano and GainZzz .

Ultimately, Cannabol appears to be effective – powder during training that floods your body with amino acids and vitamins increase energy and vitamins B6 and B12 – if pricey. If you need an extra boost in the middle of your workout, then Cannabol may be able to help.

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