For radiant skin, follow these home remedies in the rainy season

In the rainy season, the temperature fluctuates, humidity and humidity do not remain static either.

This could increase the risk of many diseases and it is the skin that is most affected. Problems such as cracks in the skin and fungus on the surface of the feet or nails during this season.

Use these excellent home remedies to protect yourself:

  1. Use a good soap, powder or body lotion to protect your skin from infections. Keep your feet and nails clean. Mix the antiseptic in water that is used to clean the nails and feet.
  2. Avoid using synthetic or cloth clothes. This increases the chance of having skin rashes. Wear loose cotton clothing in which air can easily pass. While keeping clothes in the closet, do not forget to bring naphthalene with them.
  3. Due to the humidity in the rainy season, the hair can become sticky. The hair can look dirty quickly. Therefore, in such climatic conditions, the hair should not be washed frequently. Do not forget to use conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo to avoid infections in the head.
  4. What you eat, affects the skin. Fatty and spicy foods will cause problems like grains. Avoid eating fast food and junk. This is not only the problem of food poisoning in the rainy season, but also has an adverse effect on the skin.
  5. Shower twice a day. While bathing, use Neem leaves in water, which reduces the risk of infection. To maintain softness on the skin, massage oil on the head and body.

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