Footmate – Foot Brush Scrubber & Massager Shower System?

System FootMate is a new system footcare created by Gordon Brush. Find out if this system really refreshes, restores and renews his feet as advertised today in our opinion.

What is FootMate System?

The FootMate System promises to “refresh, restore and renew” their feet, giving them the love they deserve. This three-part system consists of two creams and brush. Together, the products moisturize, moisturize and soften your feet to make them feel soft and supple.

The system is available online through You can buy the products as part of the set of three items for about $ 50. Or you can pay $ 6 to $ 20 for each individual item.

should you use the system FootMate treat your feet Let’s take a closer look at the array elements.

FootMate system products

FootMate System The core includes a brush (either in blue / teal, white / teal or white / gray) along with a bottle of gel and cream rejuvenating rejuvenating. When purchasing items as part of the set of three items, you save approximately 24% off the normal retail price. The set also comes with a retrieval line and an instruction sheet. Let’s break down each individual part of the system below.

FootMate Brush

The brush has a unique curved design that gently cups her feet. There are also suckers on the back of the brush that allows a design “stripe”. Placing the suction cups on a surface – like your floor – and then use the brush bristles to gently massage the sensitive areas of the feet. FootMate manufacturer encourages you to use the brush while watching TV, sitting in your yard, or sitting in the shower. The suction cups allow you to enjoy relief from foot pain without stooping, bending, or twisting.

The brush comes with external stiff bristles to smooth rough / dry skin with inner soft bristles. Different colors distinguish the two types of bristles.

The FootMate brush is also designed specifically to clean hard to reach areas of the feet that other brushes could not target -., As between the fingers

Rejuvenating Gel

The rejuvenating gel is described as a “natural antiseptic cleanser and conditioner all in one”. It is specially formulated to work on their feet and can be replaced by a bath gel entire surface. It leaves your feet feeling perfectly clean and smooth.

Some of the key ingredients in the gel include tea tree oil, aloe vitamin E and a number of other natural conditioners and cleaning products. When used regularly, you can enjoy benefits such as reduced cases of foot odor, reduced susceptibility athlete’s foot and disinfection of cuts or abrasions. It is also compatible with good foot health.

The formula comes in a bottle 7.5 fl oz (222mL) at a price of $ 14.95 when ordered separately.

Rejuvenating Cream

Rejuvenating Cream, as the gel is specially formulated for the feet. That is free of parabens, SLS, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, EDTA, artificial colors, and phthalates. Like the gel, with tea tree oil as a main active ingredient. Tea tree oil acts as a natural anti-fungal, antiseptic, germicide, and antibacterial compound and is ideal for daily foot care.

Cream characteristics over the same ingredients as the gel, including aloe, vitamin E, and a number of conditioners and cleansers. The main difference is that the cream comes with compounds of hydration. These compounds calm, soothe and heal chapped or dry, calloused skin.

Ultimately, the use of these three products together will support good foot health, reduce foot odor, disinfection of the feet, and soften the skin.

Using the System FootMate

To use the system, apply some of the rejuvenating gel to the brush, then leave the brush on the floor, connected to a surface using the suction cups. Gently rub each foot back and forth over the bristles, then recover the use of rope FootMate included. You never have to stooping, bending, or twisting your body.

price FootMate System

The online store sells FootMate system a number of different products and kits FootMate. Here are all the different products shown:

-1 System with gel, brush and cream (Blue / Teal): $ 47.31

-1 System with gel, brush and cream (white / Teal): $ 54.91

-1 System with gel, brush and cream (white / gray): $ 54.91

-1 System with gel and brush (Blue / Teal): $ 39.95

-1 System with gel and brush (White / Teal): $ 49.95

-1 System with gel and brush (white / gray): $ 49.95

-Rejuvenating Gel: $ 14.95

Cream -Rejuvenating: $ 16.95

-Double -sided nail brush: $ 9.95

-Nail foot care brush (soft or rigid): $ 5.95

-Small Foot Scrubber with handle (soft, medium-hard, or rigid): $ 9.95

-Long handle foot scrubber (medium stiff or rigid): $ 13.95

FootMate Certain products are also available online through Amazon. Usually, prices are about the same as those mentioned above, which come from the official website.

Who is Gordon Brush?

The FootMate system is made by a company called Gordon Brush. That company began manufacturing the FootMate system in 2009. However, they have been producing brushes since way back in 1951.

Currently, the company makes 15,000 FootMate system and other unique types of brushes in its manufacturing facility in City of Industry, California. They are one of the leading manufacturers of brushes United States. They also make brushes for companies in the aerospace, electronics industries, and military industries.

You can contact the company by emailing or calling 855-366-8628 [email protected] There is also a form online email found on their official website here .

FootMate must use the system to treat your feet?

The FootMate System is a popular treatment system created by Gordon foot Brush, one of the leading manufacturers of brushes United States. The system consists of applying gels and moisturizers on your brush, and then rub your feet on the brush while sitting on the floor.

Brush is particularly well suited to people with mobility problems, since you can apply the cream, dropping the brush on the floor, and then let the suction cups adhere to the soil surface. Then, once you have finished rubbing his feet, included using rope to lift the brush -. So you never have to bend or crouch

If you are interested in FootMate System is available online through today at a price of about $ 50 for a set that includes brush, a bottle of cream, and a bottle of gel.

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