Foods That Stimulates Concentration And Brain Function!


The fact is that aging affects mental activity brain and along with that comes a decrease in concentration, memory and concentration.

can not fight against time and natural processes, but certainly can influence these changes are reduced in intensity and improve the quality of life. The food and drinks listed below have been allies to preserve the vitality of the brain.

  1. Caffeine increases attention

There is no magic drink that will help boost IQ or make smarter, but certain substances, like caffeine, can give you the energy that will help you focus.

Caffeine is found in coffee, chocolate, energy drinks and certain medications. The effect of caffeine is fleeting. However, be careful of how much caffeine you enter during the day as excessive consumption can make you nervous.

  1. Sugar stays awake

Sugar is the main fuel for brain function. We do not speak of white sugar, but glucose, which your body processes carbohydrates and sugars you consume through food.

The intake of sugary foods and foods rich in carbohydrates stimulates memory, thinking and all other mental abilities. optimal amounts of intake of these foods that help stimulate the brain without weight gain.

  1. Breakfast feeds the brain

Skipping breakfast can affect its harmful capacity for memory and concentration during the day. Studies show that the brain needs a morning of “feed”.

What we have to find on the menu in the morning: cereals, dairy products and fruit. However, not overeating. Excessive intake of food reduces the concentration.

  1. fish prevents dementia

Fish is a great source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for brain health. These healthy fats have amazing powers of the health of brain cells, and eating fish regularly is linked to lower risk of dementia and stroke and the preservation of mental abilities in recent years.

For the proper functioning of the brain and heart, eat two servings of fish a week.

  1. A daily dose of black chocolate and nuts

Nuts are a good source of antioxidants – the vitamin E, which maintains the vitality of the brain as we age. The black chocolate has other powerful antioxidant properties, and contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can improve concentration.

In addition to nutrition for good concentration and ability to work is important to:

have enough sleep

Drink fluids during the day


meditate to relax


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