Foods that balance hormones naturally: 24 best choices

hormones such as estrogen and insulin are chemical messengers that affect various aspects of the health of a person during a travel around the body and into the bloodstream. hormonal imbalance can cause many side effects, consisting of hair thinning and loss, insomnia, fatigue, depression , decreased libido, weight gain and infertility. Glands and organs, including the testicles, ovaries, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands and regulate most of the production of hormones and even a slight imbalance can lead to serious health problems. In this article, it will show foods that naturally balance hormones: 24 best options. The letter contains a list of the best foods to increase white blood cells counted from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and is solely for informational purposes. Keep reading this paper to learn these 24 foods that balance hormones naturally in more detail!

Foods to balance hormones naturally: 24 The best choices to know

1. The coconut oil

coconut oil

Some healthy whole foods that are added in our diet each week will help balance the hormones. Click to Tweet This oil contains lauric acid, a substance that helps the skin to heal and is very effective because it is hormone production . It is also going to help fight viruses and harmful bacteria inside your body, be easy to digest, speed up metabolism and give you quick energy.

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2. avocados


Looking foods balance hormones, you should choose avocados. Especially, this food is very rich in healthy fats for the body is easy to absorb and use nutrients. Additionally, avocados contain potassium, fiber, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin E and B vitamins, all of which cooperate to maintain hormonal balance.



Flaxseed is also one of the best foods to balance hormones naturally. It is the major source of estrogen, a hormone necessary for men and women. In addition, flaxseed contains a high content of fiber, which helps you feel full and aiding digestion. This fiber is mixed with low cholesterol also make them popular for weight loss. They even have the omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health.

4. Sesame seeds

sesame seeds

This is also one of the most effective foods that balance hormones naturally . There phytoestrogens in sesame oil seeds and sesame seeds, making them a great addition to your diet, trying to balance hormones. They also contain a good amount of fiber, along with other minerals, so they become the perfect complement or snack to a meal. They generally have a delicious taste and salads.

5. Bran


Looking healthy foods that hormones natural balance, bran is also one of the best options for you. Bran not only you have phytoestrogens to help maintain hormonal balance, but can also help reduce symptoms related to having low estrogen. Moreover, bran contains fiber, which makes them more useful for a healthy diet.

6. Carrots


raw carrots contain a unique fiber that can detox any excess estrogen in the body. Since women and men who have a hormone imbalance often suffer from estrogen dominance, which is a crucial role in holding back under control hormones.

7. Maca


Maca root is a tuber radish family that has a history of strengthening hormone production and libido. A lot of women see fewer symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, skin improvement and increased fertility; while some studies indicate an increase in sperm production, libido, and better sleep. In addition, maca is rich in essential fatty acids and minerals, which is ideal for balancing hormones.

8. Quinoa


Quinoa is technically a seed, associated with chard, beet and spinach family. With a protein content of twelve to eighteen percent, which contains more protein compared with millet, rice or wheat, a cup of providing nine grams. It is not difficult to digest gluten be and is also rich in manganese which is important for hormone balance and energy production.

9. Spinach


Spinach is also one of the best foods to balance hormones naturally. Spinach has its own type of herbal steroids known as phytoecdysteroids. Phytoecdysteroids can dramatically increase glucose metabolism. It maintains the levels of blood sugar stable, along with minimizing the need for fat storage hormone insulin to critical. In addition, the chlorophyll in spinach gives magnesium which acts to push the blood-brain barrier and protect your neurological system of environmental toxins.

10. chia seeds

chia seeds

China seeds are a great choice for hormonal balance because the carbohydrates in them are mostly insoluble fiber means containing few calories. Also stabilize blood sugar, enhancing insulin sensitivity, managing the effects of diabetes, and symptoms of support associated with the metabolic syndrome, comprising imbalances in blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar blood after meals. Moreover, they are highly anti-inflammatory and decrease blood marker of inflammation, reactive protein high sensitivity. So, why not include two tablespoons to your breakfast, salads or smoothies every day!

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11. Gogi berries

gogi berries

Gogi berries are rich in selenium antioxidant that helps the liver, thyroid (which manages the metabolism), and the immune system. Especially, potassium is presented in the Gogi berries also assists balance of the pituitary gland that helps increase growth hormone. In particular, growth hormone helps keep you young, with help revitalize the skin. In addition, growth hormone rises further by the L-arginine and L-glutamine amino acids found in these gogi berries.

12. Kale


Kale is also one of the biggest food balance hormones naturally. Such as spinach, but also provides the body with a single pulse of natural magnesium, iron and zinc which are required for hormonal health.

13. Wild salmon

wild-caught salmon

salmon and other cold water fish such as mackerel, sardines, trout and tuna are another potent source of natural vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that our body needs to synthesize hormones properly.

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14. Nuts and almonds

walnuts and almonds

they are full of antioxidants and proteins that enhance the body’s ability to balance hormone production.

15. Free range poultry

free-range poultry

This is a great source of healthy fats and protein as well as vitamins go a long way towards achieving hormonal balance.

16. Grass Fed red meat

grass fed red meat

This is another powerful source of zinc, iron, B vitamins and protein, all of which have a positive effect on endocrine health.

17. Eggs


Eggs can help raise HDL cholesterol levels. This type of cholesterol is the cornerstone of the creation of the hormone. In addition, eggs are a great source of protein, in addition to maintaining an abundance of essential vitamins every day. These vitamins are lutein, iodine, and choline, which are necessary for the complete cells, healthy and functional skin.

18. Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are also one of the best foods to balance hormones form natural. They provide protein, minerals and healthy plant sterols to improve hormonal health.

19. Tomatoes


One of the best meals that balance hormones is the tomato. They are another powerful source of healthy flavonoids hormone, and calcium -. Another mineral required for hormonal balance and proper digestion

20. Beets


are rich in fiber, flavonoids, minerals and vitamins that provide many health benefits, such as aiding in digestion and hormonal balance.

21. Garlic


Are you looking for effective to balance hormones, you should not miss garlic food. Besides being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, garlic contains allicin, which improves the body’s ability to help metabolize iron, a vital part of the balance of hormones.

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22. Wheatgrass


wheatgrass is effective to balance hormones. It will act to help clean the liver that is where all hormones are filtered. If the liver is acting inefficiently, this will have a negative effect on hormone levels by processing them improperly or maintaining them in the system for too long. The high content of chlorophyll and magnesium acts of wheatgrass to build enzymes that restore the sex hormones.

23. Sunflower seeds, pistachios and pine nuts

sunflower seeds, pistachios and pine nuts

These seeds and nuts are potent sources of healthy fats and acid linolenic, which they are essential for the balance of hormones. In general, these are good to take in moderate amounts.

24. Olive oil

olive oil

healthy fats such as monounsaturated fats found in olive oil, can help create membranes of the healthiest and sensitive cells that allow more hormones easily adhere to the cell membrane.

To learn more about effective solutions, remedies for other diseases and conditions, go to our Home Home Conditions and Diseases . All the above are the best and healthiest foods balance hormones naturally. After reading the article of foods that naturally balance hormones: 24 best options, hope you find some more healthy than foods balance hormones. If you have any questions, please leave then I will respond as soon as possible. You can also share the experience if you know any other food that hormones natural balance for us.

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