Foods for water retention: 14 best choices

water retention can become more unpleasant for men and women. The phenomenon occurs as the human body can do nothing to remove excess water and can lead to swelling limbs such as legs, hands or ankles. Although it is most commonly seen in women undergoing PMS (premenstrual syndrome), the enduring water retention men suffer from liver, kidney or heart disease. Apart from this, consuming too much salt is also one of the main reasons for water retention. In this article, will show the feed water retention: 14 best options. The letter contains a list of the best foods for water retention reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and is solely for informational purposes. Keep reading this paper to learn these 14 food water retention in more detail!

Food for water retention: 14 The best choices you should know

1. Diuretics

foods for water retention - diuretics

Certain diuretics and potassium-rich foods can help combat water retention. Click to Tweet If you are looking for a lot of food to combat water retention, you should choose those that contain diuretic properties. There are a lot of them are widely ready for any market, from lettuce, cucumber and cabbage, asparagus, tomatoes or carrots. And contain diuretic properties, which are amazing to maintain a healthy diet. Delicious vegetables all can be mixed for a salad superhero who fights against water retention over time. You can also ask your nutritionist for more advice on diuretic foods along with enjoy a free body swelling.

2. Bananas

foods for water retention - bananas

Banana is one of the best foods for water retention. Bananas are rich in potassium and help the process of reducing excess sodium. Of course, water retention is visibly reduced. You can try several impressive dishes with bananas, fresh bananas enjoy a healthy snack or arrange a banana smoothie.

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3. Melones

foods for water retention - melons

Thanks to the fact that is loaded with diuretic content, watermelon is amazing to water retention. Moreover, many other types of melons and citrus fruits are super rich in potassium and contain the power to maintain a healthy balance of sodium in the human body. white honey dew, Galia, Charentais melon and are just a few types of melon are very healthy and tasty time at the same time.

4. Fatty fish

foods for water retention - fatty fish

In general, fatty fish are wonderful for water retention foods. Fatty fish like mackerel, flax, herring, salmon or tuna are loaded with omega-3. In particular, omega-3 fatty acids fatty acids are incredible for diseases of the joints, brain and heart and contain great healing abilities as home remedies. Moreover, salmon and tuna have high levels of vitamin B6 that has a huge impact in reducing the symptoms of water retention. Women will love these foods, as they are known to defend PMS as if there were no tomorrow. Nutritionists suggest about 2 weekly servings of fatty fish to obtain positive results.

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5. The whole nuts

foods for water retention - whole nuts

We have several reasons to include nuts in the list of the best foods for water retention. They serve as a great treatment for many types of health problems, which consists in reducing fluid retention due to its status as a surprising source of potassium. Along with whole grains, whole fruits are a delicious way to take large amounts of vitamin B6 in order to reduce swelling.

6. Herbs

foods for water retention - herbs

Hawthorn, dandelion leaves or roots, corn silk night or oil evening primrose are just some of the excellent herbs that can consume to reduce water retention and remove excess water from the body. Studies indicate that hawthorn is the most beneficial of them all, so you should try to fit in the regular diet. You should consult your doctor, naturopath or herbalist in advance when it comes to using these foods to water retention.

7. Yogurt

foods for water retention - yogurt

Yogurt is also one of the best foods for water retention. Because of its high levels of potassium, which is a wonderful food to avoid and cure water retention. Moreover, the yogurt is loaded with calcium, a mineral which functions as a diuretic for removing extra fluids. Specialists suggest low fat yogurt to ease the digestion process and eventually reduce swelling.

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8. Celery

foods for water retention - celery

celery is also one of the largest food for water retention. In addition, it has diuretic properties and is ideal for relaxation. In addition, celery is loaded with vitamin C, which is the best companion for a healthy immune system and acts as a super antioxidant. Moreover, the high level of potassium present in celery helps remove water causing urine production.

9. Lemon Juice

foods for water retention - lemon juice

lemon juice is particularly effective to relieve swelling, due to its high levels of potassium . Simply, it can be consumed in many ways, both cold and hot varieties. Especially, lemon tea is an excellent alternative for alcohol and coffee dehydrate the body and can also cause water retention. Also, you can release water and toxins from your body by mixing two tablespoons of honey and lemon juice in hot water (a cup) and drink once a day. For hot summer days, you can drink water (a cup) and add lemon slices for a healthy and refreshing drink.

10. Onion

foods for water retention - onion

Looking for the best foods for water retention, onion is one of the best options for you. Onions help diuretic foods as pleasant to combat swelling. In addition, onions are also known for cleansing the blood and prevention of kidney stones, so try to add them to the diet. People with a strong stomach can try boiling some raw onions in a little water and consumption infusion to help water retention.

11. Cranberry Juice

foods for water retention - cranberry juice

Part of being very delicious and refreshing cranberry juice is an adored solution coping with water retention. The main reason is that it works as a natural diuretic that is a delight for consumption. In addition, cranberry juice has high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are high minerals to deliver excess body fluids. Nutritionists suggest that cranberry juice (about 1 cup) a day to get results, but make sure it is not consumed sweetened.

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12. Parsley

foods for water retention - parsley

parsley is considered one of the best foods for water retention. It is an exceptional herb that is packed with the items you need diuretics to remove extra fluids and relieve swelling. You can prepare a tea of ​​parsley at home by taking leaves of parsley (2 teaspoons) (preferably dry) and allows them to remain in the boiling water for about 10 minutes. Enjoy this tea three times a day and taking care of how your body heals.

13. Berros

foods for water retention - watercress

General speaking, watercress is extraordinarily thick nutrition and contains potassium, which acts as a diuretic to remove excess water from your body. A cup of watercress has 112 milligrams of potassium.

14. Whole grains

foods for water retention - whole grains

As you know, whole grains are rich in vitamin B6, which is the retention water help fight famous in mild cases, particularly thanks to premenstrual syndrome. In general, vitamin B6 is constantly lacking in the diets of people.

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To learn more about effective solutions, remedies for other diseases and conditions, go to our Home Home Conditions and Diseases . All the above are the best and healthiest food for water retention. After reading the article of food for water retention: 14 better options, I hope this article will help you find some better food for water retention. If you have any questions, please leave then I will respond as soon as possible. In addition, you can share the experience if you know any other food for water retention for us.

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