Food Revolution Summit – Good Diet Nutrition Advice?

There is no denying that the way that humans eat has to change. Just take a look at the selection of food at your local supermarket or options in terms of health products, it becomes clear that what is available is mostly unhealthy and harmful to your health. Fortunately, there is a change of brewing – and comes as a great event called Food Summit Revolution . If you are ready to take control of their health and make the right decisions for you and your family, then the Food Revolution Summit is the place to start.

What is the Food Revolution Summit?

The Food Revolution Summit is an authorization, interesting, and life change that gathers thousands of food experts in an important collaboration. The summit aims to give people the information, community and knowledge of the food system that need support a healthy lifestyle and a shocking diet. Currently, there are 250,000 members advocating healthy, sustainable and human food for everyone.

Best of all, the food network defenders is delicious. In this case, do not eat food you do not like -. Just put healthy and good food in your body that is productive for your overall health

The founders of Summit Food Revolution

There are many interesting qualities about revolution Food Summit, but one of the most is that it was founded by John and Ocean Robbins, who are the Baskin-Robbins empire. Instead of becoming members of the family and delicious market company, however, ice cream unhealthy, John Robbins decided to go their own way and eventually began working with his son and colleague of the ocean.

His work has led ultimately to the development of the Summit Food Revolution, where the greatest minds of food have come together to achieve a healthier way of eating. As the note of father and son, the Revolution Food Network brings you everything you need to put food revolution in action in your life and so you can get those gears that go in the lives of others.

The information is everywhere

The Summit Food Revolution is more than just discussions, podcasts, newsletters and brought to you news of some of the greatest minds in the health food industry – which it is also a compilation of numerous articles and the actions you can take to make your life better and healthier. For example, just by visiting the website, you will find a lot of information available. Articles include topics such as “600 Reasons for turmeric” “The Daily Show vs Monanto”, “Boycott Coca Cola” and “Guide herbs for cooking.” With issues like these, you can easily make the right decisions to improve their lives.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the items available. messages are not updated constantly for you to browse through so that you are never on board. Revolution Food Summit goal is to provide new information constantly so you can always keep up.

Promotion diet

Another advantage of the Food Revolution Summit is not advocating a particular diet. Instead, we work with a number of professionals who have developed diets . By working with a number of professionals, you can be sure that the consumer is getting a complete picture of what is available in the market these days.

Furthermore, while the Food Revolution Summit calls for a series of diets, all diets have some qualities in common. These qualities include being local, sustainably produced, organic, non-GMO, centered plant, and natural. Diets by bringing these qualities, you can be sure that you are getting the healthiest options on the market.

Package Empowerment and Food Course


The website of Summit Food Revolution lets you access and manage your account. Those who have an account, do so for two reasons., Whether you have purchased the package or the Empowerment of being the Course of Food


Starting with the Empowerment package, this is an option presented paper and digital format. There are a few types of variations available, such as gold and platinum. As you can imagine, the Gold and Platinum versions have additional resources.

The package gives you access to daily interviews by some of your favorite speakers will also be on the Food Summit Revolution event. You can also listen to all files available in the package through iTunes, which fully accessible throughout the program.

On the other hand, the food is a Revolution Course Web online course that provides all the information you need to start a healthy and productive life. The course teaches you everything you need to know about a better life for a greater future.

Calendar Food Summit Revolution

The Summit Food Revolution is taking place 30 April to 8 May and is received by the creators of the organization, John Robbins and Ocean . In addition to discussions of John Robbins and Ocean, the summit also features more than 24 of the best experts in food on the planet. Some of the keynote speakers include:

  • Christiane Northrup, MD, goddess Never Age
  • Daniel MD, from the warriors brain Camino
  • Jane Goodall, Ph. D. DBE to sow the seeds of hope
  • Vani Hari, to protect your family from toxic foods
  • Mark Hyman, MD of foods that harm and foods that heal
  • Senator Cory Booker, of Sane Food Policy: we can do

As you can see, you have a wide range selection when it comes to speakers!. With the most diverse offer, you can be sure that you are getting a lot of information that allows you to take control of your health.

Book your place today!

Finally, if you are interested in joining the top of the food, then you can book your free place for the summit today. Just visit the website of the summit and click the reservation button in the center of the page. By visiting the website and reserve now, you can ensure that you have a place for this program years.

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