Food Help USA – Legitimate Way For Free Family Foods?

US Food Aid is a private website that promises to teach Americans about feeding programs they can use to put food on the table free. See how it works today US Food Aid, in our opinion.

What is food Help USA?

US Food Aid found in, is a private website that is not endorsed or affiliated with any of the US government. This is a private website, nonprofit organization that wants to make money from you – just going to set the first


website that lures in asking if you are struggling to put food on the table. If so, then all you have to do is enter your email address for immediate assistance.

US Food Aid He says food benefits helped more than 45 million Americans in 2015. There are programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP, for example, which provides an average monthly benefit of $ 126 per person to more than 45 million US.

Heretofore, US Grocery It sounds like a benevolent program designed to help support his family. But like most free things online, there must be a catch, right? With this in mind let’s take a closer look at how US Food Aid works ..

What do you get when registering for Food Help USA?

US Food Aid You want to subscribe to your newsletter, in which case you can receive regular emails containing tips on how to get government food programs and free food. The updates contain information like this:

-Learn how to apply for government feeding programs

-Discover the best ways to save money when buying groceries

-Get coupon and information access freebie program

food bank and emergency assistance -Get local information

Basically, it is a regular collection of tips, tricks, coupons, and information can be used to save money when grocery shopping and food.

The first time you enter your email address in the online form, you are prompted to learn more about the US donation programs. You will also be prompted to check your credit score or find an online education program. It also provides support for unemployment (like how to make money from home), how to get quotes health insurance, and how to apply for social housing.

What’s the catch?

Every time you see the word “free” online, you can almost assume that their information is being sold. Very few things on the Internet are really free. When someone gives you something for free, they are almost always get something in return -. Even if it’s just your email address

With this in mind, the “capture” behind US Food Aid They can be found in the terms and conditions below the headbox email. This is what the terms and conditions say:

Clicking “Start”, consent and agree with your electronic signature to (1) receive emails from and its partners with regard to government benefit programs, emergency assistance, coupons and gifts promotional, informative ideas about health and nutrition, as well as commercial offering, of interest to our members and (2) of this site Privacy policy and terms of use. We can receive compensation when you purchase products or services from advertisers. The information provided through this site is for educational purposes and convenience.

We have highlighted the important parts in bold. Basically, what this means is that you are consenting US Food Aid share your information with “partners”. These partners could be anyone. They could sell your email address to Internet marketing companies. They could give your information to your local grocery store. They could give credit agencies, banks, financial institutions, and other “partners”.

Another major catches can be found in Terms and Conditions Food Help USA where are waiving their right to any legal claim, simply by signing up for the site . This is what the relevant section of the terms, said (and yes, it is written in capital letters):


Basically, you are giving up their fundamental rights as a citizen -. Simply by registering on this site

Now, these terms are not as scary as they sound. Many companies put similar terms in place simply to protect themselves legally. However, it does not exactly inspire confidence in the company.

Ultimately, the “capture” behind US Food Aid It is that it is not asking for food aid from a charity. You are requesting the help of a business for profit. The purpose of business is not to feed you: is to make money from you. To do this, the company will share information with their partners and send links / Spam / bulletins / ads offering products that are believed to also want to buy.

How does US Food Aid make money?

US Food Aid I could give you some basic information about the application of food subsidies and other government programs. However, especially to make money by selling your information to advertisers. Some of the sample offers receive when you sign up for US Food Aid include:

-links schools for profit and education programs

insurance quotes -HEALTH

companies and quotes from reports -Credit

assistance and credit counseling -Unemployment

-Law offices that can help you get disability assistance

-Credit card companies as a “Horizon Gold Credit Card”

US Food Aid It seems to make a commitment of any kind subscribe to any of these services through their links.

has food US Help shall provide any useful information?

The main objective of US Food Aid It is convince them to buy products and services through its partners. However, there is some basic information about the site that can help. There is basic information on all the following feeding programs, for example:

-Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP) :. A federal government program designed to help low-income families, providing monthly food allocation

-WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Information about benefits :. This program is for new and expectant mothers food, or the parent of a young child, who may need extra each month food

-child: Food Programs. Community nutrition programs designed to feed the children and fight hunger and obesity

-Head Start Program: This program supports the social, mental and emotional development of children from birth to age 5.

In addition to information, the US Food Aid It provides information on how to keep her happy and healthy home, vitamins to give their children, and how to receive emergency food assistance in your area.

US Food Coupons and Freebies

US Food Aid that will automatically link the three major coupon websites, which includes all of the following characteristics:

-Grocery Red Coupon

-Clip N ‘Go Coupons

-Coupon madness

Who makes food USA Help?

US Food Aid It is an online service created by C2C Marketing, Inc.

You can contact the company at [email protected] postal address of the company is here (though its headquarters is listed as a separate address below)

2657 Windmill Pkwy
Suite 265
Henderson, NV 89074

C2C Marketing is a company based in Nevada online marketing that aims to specialize in “helping brands and services stand out from the crowd,” according to his LinkedIn page . The company seems to have been founded in 2012 and lists a separate address your mailing address listed above headquarters. The headquarters of the company are listed as:

848 N Rainbow Blvd Suite 4579
Las Vegas, NV 89107

If enroll for Food Help USA?

US Food Aid It is an informative website that provides information in exchange for enter your email address. The information is pretty basic, and explains how government programs work different food.

The main objective of the website is not to educate consumers about how to save money when shopping. Instead, the goal of the site is using your information to make money. The company will share your information with insurance agencies, law firms, educational organizations, companies coupons, and a number of other “partners” who may or may not be interested.

Ultimately, there is nothing to prevent us from entering a fake email address and reading the information on the site without consequences. That may be the best solution -. Unless you want your information sold to advertisers and a list unnamed “partners”

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