Folk Drug That Cleanse The Liver For 90 Days

traditional recipes in most cases proved more effective than expensive medical drugs that can be bought only in pharmacies. If you take this folk remedy every day within 90 days your liver will be cleaner and run like new.

This is the way that people were prepared:

Take 1 kg blossom honey Natural wild, 1 tablespoon cloves and 1 tablespoon light amber color. Finely grate must amber and teeth grinding. Put the ingredients in the jar of 1 kg of honey and mix well with a wooden spoon or plastic.

Consume this mixture every morning and every morning, 1 tablespoon use thereof. Toxins disappear within 90 days. Some people said that this mix help heal hepatitis C.

To improve vigor appearance in the video below and see what foods are best for cleaning liver.

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