FlowPower – As Seen On TV 15 Minute HIIT Workout

FlowPower is a 15 minute workout that promises to help anyone at any fitness level physical, get a personalized training with actual results. Here’s our opinion.

What is FlowPower?

FlowPower is a workout that claims to be the ideal for beginners, intermediate and expert option. With only 15 minutes of work, you can lose weight by FlowPower system.

FlowPower has appeared on television in recent weeks, so you may have seen their infomercials appearing. It is part of the family as seen on TV products.

Following the system, you can transform your body in just eight weeks mixing strength exercises, cardio, training and other techniques.

The training can also be completed with no additional equipment needed :. So if you have 15 minutes of free time at home, then you can follow along with FlowPower

The FlowPower trainings were created by personal trainer Jesse Lipscombe.

Let’s learn more about how FlowPower works.

How FlowPower work?

FlowPower works by combining intense strength and cardio training with yoga and tai chi. Together, these three training systems promise to give you maximum results in the shortest time possible.

Remember I said FlowPower is available for people of all fitness levels? That’s where the system goes into action level. FlowPower uses something called Balanced maximum Progression, also known as maximum lean muscle to push people through the levels. The levels are as follows:

-Level 1:. Jesse is an introduction to the program and begins by teaching the most basic versions of FlowPower of signature moves

-Level 2 :. In addition, you can increase your heart rate kick in the flow of full


-Level 3: These simple movements but defiant promise to turn your body into a “fat burning machine”

. FlowPower is strangely vague about their initial exercises. You will not learn much about the program from their infomercials or sales copy online. We do not know the number of exercises included in the program, for example, nor do we know how the program fits people of different body weights and levels of training.

However, if you read between the lines FlowPower, you will notice that there are some common trends between this and other training programs.

For example, the company describes as moments of high intensity “are immediately followed by restorative, nourishing moves.” That’s High intensity interval training , or HIIT, which is one of the hottest fitness concepts on the market today. for example, 10 to 60 seconds – –

FlowPower and high intensity interval training (HIIT)

With HIIT, exercise at a near maximum intensity for a short burst done. And then rest for a similar period of


The main difference between traditional Interview FlowPower is that rest periods emphasize yoga and tai-chi moves on base. Other programs may simply make stretches during downtime.

There are a couple of problems with HIIT FlowPower: Interview is not suitable for everyone. People with mobility problems or low aptitude can be physically unable to move anywhere close at maximum intensity for short bursts.

FlowPower also states that Interview is linked to quicker recovery, although it is not linked to any research indicating that, and could not find any research on our own.

FlowPower and balanced maximum progression

FlowPower also throws around terms Balanced maximum Progression and maximum lean muscle. These terms sound as ordered, but in reality is just a fancy way of saying that is progressing through the different levels of the training program based on your fitness.

that progression is something we see in almost all training programs on the market and is certainly not unique to FlowPower.

FlowPower and fat burning

FlowPower emphasizes repeatedly that helps the body to continue to burn fat for hours after your workout is over. Actually, that is something that happens all type of moderate exercise :. Your body has to expend calories to repair muscles, so it is almost always some kind of burning of entry into force of fat after exercise

With this in mind, there is no evidence that FlowPower burns fat after HIIT more effective than other exercise workouts.

One last thing to note about FlowPower is that training can last as little as 15 minutes. Ideally, choose the version of 60 minutes each workout for maximum fat burning. If you choose the version of 15 minutes, then your results are not likely to be as revolutionary.

About Jesse Lipscombe

FlowPower was created by Canadian Jesse Lipscombe personal trainer, a former high jumper who once tried to get into the Olympic team. Since leaving the world high jump, Jesse has become an actor while launching two personal training companies, including P.H.A.T. Fitness Training Inc. and Wevive.

With these two companies, Jesse says his goal is to help implement “an active and healthy life for all people.”

FlowPower intended to have no specific personal training qualifications. However, he does claim that has spent more than a decade perfecting and optimizing FlowPower movements.

FlowPower pricing

FlowPower is priced two payments of $ 49.95 ($ 99.90 total).

During your purchase, you can offer for the purchase of a nutritional supplement called Matrix, which by the creators of FlowPower is also made.

Your purchase comes with a refund policy 60 days, less shipping and handling. To contact customer service and request a refund, call (877) 373-7110.

what’s included with FlowPower?

FlowPower comes with two main products:

-FlowPower fitness plan :. Tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your program FlowPower

-FlowPower nutritional guide :. Nutritional information and healthy food choices to compliment your weight loss routine

must be used FlowPower to lose weight?

FlowPower is a training program of high intensity intervals that emphasizes the use of yoga and tai chi moves between workouts. The program seems a good balance between high-intensity training and rest, allowing you plenty of time to recover while maximizing your fitness results.

However, FlowPower provides very little information about their actual exercises in advance. This makes it difficult to determine whether the program serves the ultra-beginners (who may have trouble performing traditional HIIT) or those who are in relatively good shape and just want to cut.

If I had to guess, FlowPower seems to be aimed at beginners and those who are quite out of shape.

In this high price, it would have been nice to see more in-depth information about the program and the science behind it. However, if you are a beginner interested in Interview who wants to lose weight, then FlowPower can help.

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