Fitness Expert Amanda Lee Shows You How to Get a Tight, Lifted Butt w These 6 Exercises

You may be worried about sculpt a strong booty to fill your favorite pair of jeans , but not much more than a tight tush that the way his pants fit!

His back consists of three main muscles: the maximum gluteus medius, gluteus and lower buttock. This important muscle group extends the hip (takes the thigh behind you), abducts the hip (lateral movement to one side), and makes internal and external rotation of the hip. In short, they are very important, but often are weak and underworked.

Many of our jobs require us to spend so much time sitting that our glutes “off” or stop shooting the most efficient, effective manner and strong as they should.

Once our butt stop shooting, hip flexors (the muscles that pull the thigh forward) become tense and can lead to injury. When a stronger booty is built, here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Beat back pain : I could not believe how much my low back pain dissipated after start concentrating on the construction of the gluteal muscles. Your glutes work to stabilize the pelvis and maintain the integrity of motion in the hip joint. When they are strong, your lower back does not bear the brunt of their movement.

Increase athletic performance: If you want to be a stronger athlete, it’s time to start squatting. Strong glutes improve their skills speed, agility, and jumping, and rapid movements from side to side they will also be made much easier. Every time you take a step, the gluteus maximus underpins the pelvis and SI joint for stability. When run, this is even more important because the impact force increases exponentially at every step.

Prevent knee pain : strong buttocks drugs remain stable pelvis back and forth swinging. When your pelvis is not stable, a lot of pressure on the knees and ankles to compensate sets. When your back is strong, which helps prevent this naturally keep safe from injury.

exercise expert Amanda Lee

In his teens, Amanda Lee was a thin girl with only 44 kilograms. However, he worked hard to get the body you want, followed a healthy diet and started exercising regularly. This resulted in his being a star of the popular fitness.

According to her, the gluteal muscles every time we step are used, so that help advance, squatting and running.

Therefore, walking is a great exercise, and for improved effects, which can cope with some hills, or use the tilt if it is on the tape. However, you must remember to keep the back of hinging forward while walking.

Moreover, Amanda suggested the following 6 exercises that are extremely effective and will help lift and tighten the butt:

1.Squat Side Kick-25 repetitions


2. squat puts -25 pulse repetition


3. Glute Bridge – 25 repetitions


Clamshells Hight 4. Exercise – 25 repetitions


5. kicks Ass exercises – 25 reps


Clamshells 6. Exercise – 25 repetitions



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