Fitness Advice; The Truth & The Many Myths!

Many of us are aware of the secret call to piracy lifestyle ‘fitfam’: 70% of your effort should be directed toward a clean diet and 30% to the exercise. While it is true that you get what you put in your body, it is important to remember that those numbers are not only intended to serve as a guide, they also differ from one person to another.

Here are 4 tips and fitness excuses that you may have recently found and FitNigeria making them.

count calories

fitness myths

skinny My friends say I should count every calorie that I put in my mouth, tasting my kitchen during the preparation of even a piece of gum.

FitNigeria ™ says Fitness is a lifestyle, not a death sentence . Please live and enjoy life while you’re at it. Life is too short to count every calorie that enters your mouth. Many times, the number of calories indicated on the packaging of food may be out for 10 -. 20% anyway

Therefore, instead of counting calories, keeping a food diary where you document what you eat so you can review and make a conscious effort to cut the elements that often appear not provide enough nutritional value.

Cut all carbohydrates and fats

cutting back n carbs and fats

My roommate suggested that cutting all carbohydrates and fat so you can lose weight quickly.

FitNigeria ™ says : Pay attention to this- good carbohydrates and fat to provide energy, you need to perform daily activities properly. Trimming the two kinds of food all can never be a sustainable recipe so please desist from this practice, if it does currently or plan.

We suggest you reduce your portions of carbohydrates and fats, replacing large portions of carbohydrates such as spaghetti, rice, kpomo (cowhide) and bread with foods such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, beans and avocado.

skip meals (especially breakfast / dinner)

who starved myself all day so they deserve to have a heavy dinner.

says FitNigeria ™ Do not do this. It will simply slow down your metabolism. Your body needs to have another common food that tend to eat more and store up food as fat because your body has no way of knowing when the next meal. Power should plan or preparing meals to enjoy nutritious meals and snacks available as needed.

Teas and pills

slimming tea

OMG, I attended three weddings back to back this weekend and feels heavy. Someone just suggested this weight loss tea that many celebrities are advertising, and can not wait to try it.

FitNigeria ™ says : First, (introduction). According to a serious note, you must realize that celebrity endorsements do not always mean that the person uses the product nor does it mean that works (or is ideal for you). Since you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, avoid quick fixes and make sure you confirm the facts before being sold a dream.

You have now been armed with some tools to help avoid mistakes, make good decisions and become a better, healthier version of itself. As always, enjoy the journey and all the results that come along the way.

About Obinna

Obinna Udora is the founder of FitNigeria ™, a brand of health / fitness released in New York, USA, and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Its mission is to make fitness enjoyable and accessible to all in Africa, from his country, Nigeria. You can find more information about the brand through social networks and @fitnigeria website .

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