Fit Tip: 3 Healthy Eating Hacks

3 Healthy Eating Hacks from Lauren Conrad

I, Aove has never been a diet person. If something feels too restrictive or difficult to keep up, then I know that probably won, AOT last long. Instead, I, Aove maintains a healthy figure in recent years, following a lifestyle that makes me feel fit without being too hard on myself. It, AOS is not about denying yourself that piece of cake from time to time (or cake in my case!). It, AOS on the practice of portion control, choosing whole foods instead of processed, and of course, stay active. So today, AOS blog post is all about healthy eating cuts that won, AOT have to think twice before. They, AORE easy habits to get that gift, AOT feel anything like a diet. And if you have new Year, involving AOS resolutions to get fit, you Äôll definitely want to give them a try, ¶

1. Pre-Pack your snacks
Even if you, Aove master the art of portion control when it comes to his plate , it, AOS too easy to overdo it with snacks. The first step is to choose healthy foods over processed junk. That part is easy. Some of my favorite snack foods to keep on hand are nuts; snap peas chips; carrot sticks with hummus and a pinch of cayenne; and apple slices with almond butter. But my real trick to deal with an attack of hunger is portioning out small bags early. My favorite blue reusable avocado (re) bags zip come in medium and a cup sizes, ideal for DIY, Äòsnack packs., AO do a whole week , shapes dollars in bags at a time, so you can grab and go. When you Aore eat straight from the bag, you, AORE asking for trouble. So really I swear by this trick!

2. Their double Recipes
Nine out of 10 times, the food is cooked at home will be healthier than the food you order out. You know exactly what happens in it, so you can choose the fresh ingredients and limit things like hydrogenated oils. But when life gets busy, cook every night isn, AOT is always realistic. So to save time later, at any time I do something that freezes well as soup , stew, or enchiladas , I double the recipe. We eat a portion of that night, and thawed one a couple of weeks later. The Blue Avocado re (zipper) also come in a size gallon and are freezer safe, so I find the lot. They take up much less space in the freezer of a Tupperware would.

3. Buy in bulk
One of my biggest secrets to a healthy diet is to have a well-stocked pantry . If you know you have the ingredients to prepare a balanced meal, you, AORE less likely to resort to junk. Making whole foods like vegetables, nuts and necessities in the seeds of your home. Buy quinoa, chia, oats and almonds bulk containers and then stored in blue avocado (re) zips , so you always have them on hand. Buy large bunches of kale or chard week earlier, rinse and dry the leaves, and then store them in a gallon size (re) zip for quick and easy cooking.

Are you going to give my healthy eating hacks into an opportunity?

share their own tips and tricks in the comments.

XO Lauren

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