Fish-and-Veggie Diets Cut Cancer Risk

People who eat diets mainly herbal with some seafood cut the risk of colorectal cancer dramatically, by 43 percent. (This type of diet has a name :. Pescovegetarian)

That’s the finding of Adventist Health Study that included more than 77,000 Seventh-day Adventists. Eating meat, drinking alcohol and smoking is discouraged by religion, and about half of the participants ate meat. Some were vegans, while others include eggs and dairy products or fish in their schemes of plant origin.

study found Vegetarian


The average follow-up study was just over 7 years, with 490 cases of colon or rectal cancer detected during that time. Vegetarians were 22 percent less likely to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer than meat-eaters. Those who regularly include eggs and dairy products but no fish still had a 18 percent lower risk.

This observational study could not establish cause and effect, but it looks like a strong argument for eating more vegetables and cutting meat. Substituting seafood or poultry meat appears to offer the most benefit.

[ JAMA Internal Medicine , online March 9, 2015 ]

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