Fire in the Belly – “Biggest Medical Breakthrough”

Fire in the Belly is a new electronic book that teaches you a theory on human health which could be “the greatest medical breakthrough ever.” That’s a bold statement. Find out if it is true today in our opinion Fire in the belly.

What is the fire in the belly?

Fire in the Belly is a downloadable eBook that teaches you how to lose weight safely, easily and effectively. The electronic book claims that could be the greatest medical breakthrough ever, or “that is close to that.”

So: Fire in the belly specifically states that his teachings are so important medically as “the discovery that infectious diseases were caused by microbes” or “anesthetic meant painless surgery”. He even claims that the lessons of the diet included in the book are as important as the day we learned “that vital organs could be transplanted.”

These are obviously some big claims. So let’s take a closer look at how fire in the belly claims to work.

How does the fire in the belly of work?

The book was created by Keith Scott-Mumby MD, PhD. Scott-Mumby Dr. describes how our gut is a focus of inflammation. This inflammation, the “fire in the belly” systematic health affects all other organs and tissues of our body.

In short, when your gut is “on fire” affected all other parts of your body.

Indeed, Fire in the belly says that diseases such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and behavioral disorders can be traced back to the intestinal inflammation.

Why is intestinal inflammation is so important? Well, your intestines are full of bacteria and other microbes “genes” that tell our bodies how to behave. Their microbial genes working in a similar manner typical genes. They tell your body how to work.

These genes are so influential throughout our body that fire in the belly describes his intestines as a “second brain”. –

With this in mind, the fire in the belly an electronic book that explains how this works intestinal inflammation, the way that leads to diseases, and most importantly. What you can do to stop

Why the intestinal inflammation causes disease?

inflammatory bowel disease is a general term for anything that is irritating our intestines. Fire in the belly says that this irritation can be caused by all of the following conditions:

-s Pathogens ilent: infectious pathogens can inflame our gut without activating the immune system, which means that They are living in your gut unaffected for a long period of time, where they can finally “killer establish chronic inflammation.”

-Dysbiosis: Dysbiosis is the idea that bacteria and organisms within their bodies can attack your own body. This inflammation can occur in the “dark and humidity of our guts.” Fire in the belly called “friendly fire”. It is the opposite of symbiosis, where his body lives in harmony with its separate parts.

Neurological Development -Abnormal: Fire in the belly holds that Autism is caused by problems in the gut, including food allergies and toxic heavy metals that accumulate in the gut . Over time, these toxins can travel to the brain, where they have lifelong effects on their development. The creator of fire in the belly says he has been talking about this connection since the 1980s – but it was not until recently that modern medicine supported this idea. Dr. Scott-Mumby the cites a study where unscrupulous measles virus (strain used in vaccines) in the intestines of children with autism found.

Altogether, Professor Scott-Mumby calls his book “absolutely fascinating science” which explains why there is a connection between intestinal inflammation and some of the most common diseases and disorders of the world.

What causes intestinal inflammation in the first place?

Fire in the belly holds two main conditions that cause intestinal inflammation, leading all other destructive conditions mentioned above. These two conditions are:

Auto-immune diseases: The world faces supposedly an epidemic of autoimmune diseases, according to Dr. Scott-Mumby. It states that our immune systems are causing our bodies to attack the food we eat -. Specifically because we are eating things like wheat, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and corn

-Poisonous metals toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic and lead cause intestinal inflammation. These toxic metals supposedly inflame the intestinal mucosa, which in turn forces the intestines to become “leaky”, which means your body continues to absorb heavy metals. This cycle continues, leading to toxic metal accumulation within many of our bodies.

what is included within the fire in the belly?

Fire in the belly touches specifically on the issues mentioned above, as well as all of the following characteristics:

Why 80% of our immune system they can be found in our gut

Why the intestines are the main area of ​​inflammatory outbreaks

-Main symptoms that suggest you may have a chronic intestinal inflammation

Why symptoms of intestinal inflammation are so diverse and confusing that most doctors diagnosis


-The diverse and surprising effects of brain inflammation

How small genetic mutations can play a very important role in the creation of intestinal inflammation

how our genes and metabolism of our body say what to do

Why you should consider having a fecal transplant (which is where feces from a healthy donor are placed in your body)

-How clean inflammatory toxic metals such as mercury and lead from your system

Why washing hands and be hygienic is actually hurting their long-term health

Fire in the belly prices

Fire in the belly is priced at $ 29.95 for the digital copy.

If you want the printed version, then you will have to pay $ 29.95 plus shipping USA ($ 8.95) or international shipping ($ 24.95).

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you read the book, I do not like, and wants his money back, then you can get a refund of 100% at any point within 60 days of making your purchase.

Who is Dr. Scott-Mumby the?

Dr. Scott-Mumby Scott-Mumby directs the welfare clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can contact the clinic by email or by calling 760-668-1650 [email protected]

Alternatively, you can mail the clinic

PO Box 371225
Las Vegas, NV 89137

Dr. Scott-Mumby is described as a “alternative health” on its official website. Conveniently enough, its official website is “”. Unlike many naturopaths and holistic specialists, Dr. Scott-Mumby the does have an MD after his name (not just a ND, Naturopathic Doctor by).

MD is a That title little misleading. This is how Dr. Scott-Mumby describes his medical degree in his biography:

“degree in medicine MB CHB (such as MD) in Manchester, UK in 1970, Scott-Mumby began almost immediately controversial alternative medicine research. ”

You never said he graduated with a doctorate in medicine. Also, it never says who is licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

Indeed, Scott-Mumby never actually calls himself as Dr. Scott-Mumby the but as Professor Scott-Mumby MD, PhD-making it clear that he does not want to advertise specifically their medical history (despite the fact that he puts MD after his name).

MD is not the only title after your name :. Scott-Mumby Dr. MB CHB and also has doctorate appearing in official correspondence with the HMD and FRCP (Colombo)

Before creating fire in the belly, Dr. Scott-Mumby the published books as The Plan of food allergy, allergies :. What Everyone Should Know, The Manual of Allergy, and Medicine Virtual

has also appeared on Oprah, Fox, CNN, BBC, and Marie Claire, according to its website official Web.

should read fire in the belly to cure your intestinal inflammation?

Alternative medicine is extremely popular around the world today. Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby is one of the best known in the world today alternative practitioners. He has an extensive publication history dating back to the 1980s Although it is unclear whether it actually has a medical degree, which is clearly passionate about his theories about allergies, intestinal inflammation, and its connection to modern diseases.

However, note that fire in the belly has a alternative view of medicine, meaning it is not accepted or approved by most physicians in the world today.

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