Finger Pain and Numbness During Pregnancy

finger numbness and pain is a common symptom of pregnancy. About 20 percent of pregnant women suffer from this condition overall.

What causes pain and numbness in the fingers?

This condition is most likely caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain is concentrated around the thumb, index and middle finger and half the ring finger.

Finger Pain and Numbness During Pregnancy

the continuous increase of weight and swelling in pregnancy can cause the nerves in the wrist of the woman to be compressed. In addition, due to the increased level of hormones of pregnancy, the mother’s body retains water and feel bloated. Because of all these reasons, there is no pressure on the nerves of the wrist, including carpal tunnel that carries the nerves of his fingers. It swells and nerves in the hand is pinched causing burning, irritation, tingling and numbness in the fingers. The problem may burst arm also in some cases. The feeling is different from the tingling sensation you get when your feet or hands fall asleep.

Not all women suffer from this problem.However, for those who make the condition can be mild or temporary and can last for months together.

become pregnant When a woman susceptible to this problem?

Although women may show signs of swelling and numbness at any time during pregnancy is mainly limited to the last trimester of pregnancy. Symptoms appear especially during the sixth month of pregnancy when the mother’s body is going through several other changes as well as she prepares for the arrival of the baby. Pain and numbness may be accompanied by swelling of the ankles and feet as well.

The condition is automatically subsides after the baby is born. In some cases, swelling again appear after birth and can cause many problems. In such a situation, a simple surgery may be needed to reduce pressure on the median nerve.

What can you do for relief?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is worse at night than during the day. Due to the lack of complete information about this condition, there is no short way to treat immediate swelling. One can improvise their own little tricks to do so. Some simple tips could alleviate a lot of discomfort caused due to swelling and numbness. These are:

  • Try changing your sleeping position during the night if you feel twinges of pain.
  • Avoid sleeping on your hands because it can relieve swelling due to pressure.
  • If you feel pain while in bed, gently shake hands for some time until the discomfort decreases.
  • The hand and wrist exercises as gently rotate the wrist clockwise and counterclockwise direction help reduce the pain. Although, if doing so does not help, leave as flexing the wrists or fingers could make things worse too.
  • Sit with hands raised above his head for some time. Hands can be supported by a chair or sofa back during this process.
  • The use of a cold compress can help reduce pain and swelling. Avoid using a hot compress
  • Soaking fingers in the water container with chamomile or lavender oil could also help get relief from pain.

When should you see a doctor?

If pain and discomfort has begun to interfere with their daily routine of sleep, which is the time to consult your doctor. The numbness should not interfere with your daily activities to avoid such a situation; your doctor may prescribe a mild pain reliever and / or use of a wrist splint during the day. Do not take any pain medication without consulting your doctor.

If your diet is deficient in vitamin B6, the doctor may prescribe a supplement for it. However, if your diet is balanced and are already taking prenatal vitamins regularly, this deficiency will not be present in your body.

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