Find Out The Age You Will Get Married.

Palmistry is an art of reading hands to get the idea of ​​future events in life. You can get your marriage age indication by studying their marriage lines in the palm of your hand. marriage lines are also known as lines of affection or bonding lines.

How to find the age of marriage?

In the bond line, you can get an indication of your age for marriage. These lines are present on the edge of the palm below the little finger. It can be seen at the outer edge of the palm and the line continues to the area under your little finger (this area is also known as the mount of mercury). It is very common to have more than one connecting line, so do not be surprised.

Despite these short horizontal lines such as line called marriage, but only indicate important relationships deeply impressed. These relationships do not necessarily involve marriage. The stronger this line, the deepest, the possible union. Several lines of light found here indicate romances while the lines are clear and strong indicating stronger relationships.

Is the bond line long that relate to their marriage and shorter reveal his affections. The distance from the heart line to the baseline of the little finger is considered fifty years. When the bond line is close to the heart line it means that getting married very soon. If the line is located in the center of the support it means to be married in his mid-twenties. For those whose line is three-quarters above the frame it means that your marriage will take place in their late twenties or even thirty-five years.

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