Finally! Hershey Promises ‘Simple Ingredients’ And The Removal of GMOs From Milk Chocolate

Hershey chocolate

Along with the alignment of the companies that are kneeling public pressure, Hershey candy-maker has recently announced that it will soon remove GM ingredients from milk chocolate and kisses the end of 2015.

what is more, the company promised to switch to ‘simple ingredients, “which will be exemplified by the removal of polyricinoleate emulsifier polyglycerol (PGPR) and artificial vanillin

Coming directly from website Hershey .

“what caused these changes in ingredients? Consumers have been asked to go to Hershey simple ingredients / labels?

As a consumer-focused company, we understand that people want to know what’s in their food. As consumers ourselves, we agree with them. That’s why we will share information in an open, honest and transparent manner. Our iconic brands are about goodness – goodness, both in the way they do and how they know. For over 100 years, we have built relationships of trust with our consumers and customers around this principle. We are proud of this heritage. But at the same time, we listen carefully to our customers and we are always working to make our brands relevant to the evolving expectations and lifestyles.

With the changes that Hershey is making to ingredients (non-genetically modified sugar, oil sustainable traceable palm milk without rBST) , what is the end of the game?

Our iconic brands are on the delivery of goodness – both in the way they do and how they know. We are moving our product portfolio to the simplest ingredients. This will take time and as part of that journey that will share more about what is in our products, and how they are obtained and manufactured. All this is based on knowledge and views about what our consumers are more concerned. “

Like almost all food producers in our present time, Hershey has addressed pressure for years of individuals and consumer groups alike to eliminate ( or at least labeled ) GMOs in their products. Although as the company made the change in Canada for years, it has not changed its ways in the US so far.

in the turn to come, Hershey announced it will move to natural vanilla, non-genetically modified sugar and milk cows have not been treated with growth hormone rBST.

in addition, Hershey intends to launch with products that do not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors and flavors. Kisses and milk from Hershey bars Hershey chocolate are already free of HFC -. Now the company just needs to trash the other components

Hershey’s move is another example of how consumer demand can cause serious-change needed in our food system. Although processed foods are not the answer to a healthy lifestyle, the fact that we as a collective still has a voice is a good sign that our food system can be changed for the better.

Author Bio: Mike Barrett is the co-founder, editor and researcher behind Natural Society. The study of the work of the main advocates of natural health and special reports for the top 10 websites alternative health, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimal wellness through natural health.


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