Fenugreen – FreshPaper Fruit & Vegetable Produce Saver Sheets?

Current statistics show that the average American household spends 1,160 pounds of food per year. Food waste contributes not only to the wasted calories, but monetary loss and world hunger. Instead of allowing the epidemic to continue food waste can begin to fight in your own home by using some of the most innovative resources in the market.

A company is addressing the epidemic of food waste with one of the smartest products ever countered. Called Fenugreen , this product is designed to help control food waste by allowing your product to last longer than usual.

About Fenugreen

Fenugreen also known as “new role” is one of the niftiest and most innovative products on the market. Do not be fooled by the name, however, this is not an ordinary type of paper. new paper is very thin sheets of paper infused with organic spices that really work to counter the deterioration and decomposition when placed in the same space as fruits and vegetables.

The high quality of this document is that it is not necessary to use anything else with it to keep fresh fruits and vegetables. This certainly reduces waste and the need for additional packaging.

Fenugreen can go to any

fresh paper is an extremely versatile substance. It is a wonderful way to manage your fruits and vegetables and control its deterioration, because in essence can be placed anywhere. For example, if you want the Fenugreen in a cardboard box and send your fruits and vegetables in it, then you can do that. Fruits and vegetables will stay fresh throughout the shipping process and well after.

Some other places where you can include Fenugreen include:

  • Frutero
  • Berry cardboard
  • salad bag
  • Refrigerator drawer
  • and in no other place you want to keep your fresh fruits and vegetables!

When the paper is activated and calendar

One of the main concerns that people have when it comes to this job is knowing when you are working and when it stops working. Fortunately, manufacturers of the product make it extremely easy to realize when the paper is active and when idle.

Generally, the leaves are active for about one month. However, it can also be said that the leaves have become inactive when the distinctive aroma of maple-like begins to fade. When still preserved in the container, the leaves can last up to two years. Again, this goes back to the general theme of not wasting anything.

Brand Mission

You really can better understand a brand by determining its mission. Fenugreen’s mission is to address the enormous challenge of food waste by reducing the overall amount of damage that occurs.

The premise is that by reducing spoilage and keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, those who have products that eventually are used instead of throwing them away. As explained by the brand, the main objectives is to build a “sustainable social enterprise” around the powerful yet simple idea of ​​using a sheet of paper to keep food fresh for longer.


If you choose to use Fenugreen to keep your fresh fruits and vegetables, then you will realize that there are a number of advantages to be had. The product is beneficial for a number of reasons, which of which include:

saves money and reduces waste

First, the product is one of the easiest ways to save money and reduce waste. When the article is included Fenugreen anywhere where food products are stored, you can keep them fresh for longer, reducing the need to go out and buy more. Best of all, it is really necessary to use a sheet of paper through space, which means you can also keep your other roles for other uses later.

Made in the USA with organic spices

Another great advantage of this product is that you are supporting a product made in the United States. In addition, the spices that are used to keep fruits and vegetables are completely organic. Therefore, this product also works well for those who like to live a healthy and organic life with quality components.

recyclable and biodegradable

The low to no waste issue is kept alive with all components of this product. Besides ensuring that as little as possible is lost when food is bought, the product is also recyclable and biodegradable.

This essentially means that when the paper is pulled, will not “stay alive” for years in the landfill. The product can be recycled into something else or will biodegrade in soil. Nothing is greater than buying a product you know you will not harm the environment like most other substances. Here, you really get the opportunity to do their part.

award winning and patented

Finally, the product is also award-winning and patented. There is no better way to validate a product you buy to realize that he is winning and patented. These qualities are compatible how great the product really is.


If you are interested in purchasing this product, then it is likely that one of your local health food stores. For example, Whole Foods is known to carry the product. In the remote possibility that the product is not available, then you can contact your local health food store and apply the product. In most cases, the store will bring the product.

Moreover, if you decide to buy, then the role is very affordable. Affordability is the fact that the brand is trying to save food and your budget, your bottom line.


Generally, if you are looking for an easy way to save money, food and resources, then this piece of paper is the best way to accomplish that. The product is one of the most innovative solutions in the market and is truly geared to help reduce food waste worldwide.

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