Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Peas

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Peas (If you just start solids for baby, Start here for the rest of the Powering the Fed series babies!)

After starting my babies in some dietary fat as buds pastured avocado and coconut butter usually start introducing the tastes of some vegetables to soft steam .

Vegetables should be served with fats friendly to ensure digestion and absorption of vitamins suitable. Usually Add coconut oil, real butter or olive oil. A pinch of sea salt is also a good idea because the baby can benefit from the vital minerals.

I am a big believer in not “hide” the vegetable flavor. than peas or green beans with apples, carrots, pumpkin or “sweeten” up do not mix. Much of baby food jars will be seen in these combos and you may as well just feed them a jar of apples, because almost no vegetables in there!

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Peas Today my big girls do not flinch aside peas or green beans … because they have been eating since they were babies. did everything possible to pave the way for them to not have to deal with meticulousness. Please understand that I understand that there are children with certain oral ongoing problems that contribute to the problems of texture and therefore pickiness. I do not think however this is that most children ,. Pretty sure that the 3 girls have “made a face” at first taste of most foods. That does not mean you need to strain it again, puree again, sweeten, or stop trying. Within a couple of sessions of tries, they get the hang of it! One of my daughters had a good couple of weeks to accept pureed meat. Another took longer to get the texture of banana. My current baby took a couple of attempts peas to get the hang of it. Now she has the pleasure of eating.

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Peas Peas are a great first vegetarian to begin with. They are a great source of vitamins and protein and have a pleasant, slightly sweet taste. They are delicious with any kind fat, and, for most, is a mild vegetable digest. I mashed the most of my vegetables, including peas, broth bone for additional power. Of course you can mash with water if desired.

Print baby food nourishes Series :: peas Author: Renee – www.raisinggenerationnourished.com ingredients

  • organic peas (I get big bags of frozen organic in Costco peas)
  • bone broth or water to puree to desired consistency


  1. steam peas for 30 minutes.
  2. puree in a blender or processor with bone broth or water to desired consistency.
  3. stored in secure containers freezing, or make ice buckets and store them in freezer bags cubes safety.
  4. When serving hot peas gently (NO in the microwave! I like to put in a bowl in my hottest bottler. You can heat on the stove if desired.), And then add some coconut oil, real butter or olive oil with a pinch of sea salt.



    • this is obviously one of those foods for babies who can only make a nice big batch and store in the freezer. I think peas maybe twice before the baby is ready to eat only mashed peas regular, no. I like THESE freezer containers. They are cheap, stack well, are free of BPA, and are dishwasher safe.
    • here is how to make simple bone broth to puree the vegetables with more food.
    • Start with a couple of teaspoons of peas and work up a tablespoon or 2.
    • could not even find a steam like that I have anywhere online that is the age that has! And yet, it worked very well for all the girls. It’s sorta on his last leg as I’ve had since college, and I have my eye on is one for a little more space ;)
    • peas make a great “finger food” closer to a year old. I very often have a small container of steamed peas in the fridge that can be applied in the baby out tray while I’m making dinner. Great motor / pincher fine work too!
    • A simple pea soup is a great first soup to deal with the baby a little closer to a year old too!
    • See the baby for a week during the first introductions of peas. If you see any unusual diaper action happening, redness around the mouth or skin rash, have to stop – this is the same with any food first introduction Test peas again in a month. and see what happens.
    • may take up to 15 tries a new food for the baby to accept the new food! This is the same for all first foods! If the baby making a funny face at first, do not give up! That they get used to new flavors, textures and sensations in the mouth! give them the opportunity to learn how to sit, how to use their language, etc.
    • is is a graph of the first foods to give you an idea of ​​what should follow when choosing the first food for your baby if you are WAPF wishing to follow the guidelines for feeding babies.
    • Read is for common FAQ and thoughts to keep in mind about feeding babies!

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Peas Show me those little faces of sweet green peas! Let me know how it goes!

The baby food nourishes Series :: peas first appeared in Increased Fueled Generation .

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