Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Carrots

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Carrots If you just start feeding their babies solid start here !

Carrots are so fun to deal with your baby! Really all those orange-colored vegetables and are. They are brightly colored and sweet enough for those taste buds baby!

As mentioned in my peas baby food Post, carrots, along with all prepared vegetables for the baby should be served with a fat used to help digestion and absorption carrot nutrients. I like to add a little coconut oil. real butter or olive oil also works. And do not be afraid of a pinch of sea salt and baby will benefit from the minerals!

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Carrots orange vegetables like carrots (also squash or sweet potatoes) need to be fed a little more extended than other vegetables. Their small livers need some time to learn how to convert carotenoids into vitamin A. If small nose or your baby’s skin will start looking yellow / orange just back a bit. I do not do more than twice a week with orange vegetables when you start out. Perhaps closer to a year old I do not worry me much. And that schedule just learned through trial and error. With my first two babies I noticed the little orange nose if they got orange vegetables every day color. So until they are a little closer to 1 year, I just made a couple of times per week of orange vegetables.

Print Feeding babies fed Series :: Carrots Author: Renee – www.raisinggenerationnourished.com ingredients

  • organic carrots (I get big bags of organic carrots at Costco If you do not have access to organic, then peel carrots – .. I do not do with organic)
  • bone broth or water to puree


  1. steam carrots 45 minutes .
  2. mash with bone broth or water to the consistency you desire.



    • like peas, this is another may be treated above in freezer containers so you just have to do the version of baby food carrots a couple of times before the baby can only eat snack food steamed carrots.
    • transition your baby to bite size carrots steamed when ready! is so useful for the transition from baby food baby closer to a year, so start getting used to the texture, well used to seeing in their weekly vegetarian dishes. steamed carrots practice make great finger food for those pincers!
    • Start with a couple of teaspoons of peas and work up a tablespoon or 2.
    • here is how you can make simple bone broth to puree the vegetables with more food.
    • A simple roasted carrot soup is a great first soup to deal with the baby a little closer to a year old too!
    • See the baby for a week during the first introductions of carrots If you see any unusual diaper action happening, redness around the mouth or skin rashes, who wants to stop -. This is the same with a first food introductions. Try carrots again in a month and see what happens.
    • may take up to 15 tries a new food for the baby to accept the new food! This is the same for all first foods! If the baby making a funny face at first, do not give up! they are getting used to new flavors, textures and sensations in the mouth! give them the opportunity to learn how to sit, how to use their language, etc.
    • is is a graph of the first foods to give you an idea of ​​what should follow when choosing the first food for your baby if you are WAPF wishing to follow the guidelines for feeding babies.
    • Read is for common FAQ and thoughts to keep in mind about feeding babies!

Feeding Nourished Babies Series :: Carrots Keep me how you and send me sweet little orange faces !!

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