FDA Warning About Eating Raw Cookie Dough – E.Coli Flour Outbreak?

have always known that eating raw cookie dough is a bad idea because of the risk of salmonella from raw eggs. But thanks to a new E. coli warning from the FDA, we now know that this is a really bad idea.

The FDA warns Americans that raw cookie dough and other flour products may contain E. coli.

Surprisingly, not raw eggs that can hurt you: the flour. The Food and Drug US claims flour – no matter what brand -. It may contain disease-causing bacteria

Why? Well, said a senior adviser to the FDA the following in an interview with CBS News:

“Flour is derived from a grain that comes directly from the field and usually not about killing the bacteria.”

Therefore, when it is completed in your closet and bowl cookie, which could contain even the E. coli.

The FDA and officials of local governments are actively investigating an outbreak of E. coli that dates back to the contaminated flour. The outbreak led to reported across the country dozens diseases.

Researchers linked to the problem of raw dough again after it was revealed that people suffering from dozens had recently eaten or handled raw dough.

Patients specifically handled raw dough flour-based General Mills. Flour produced in Kansas City, Missouri. Further testing revealed that the flour containing a strain of bacteria that produce toxic E. coli.

In response, General Mills issued a voluntary recall for 10 million pounds of the flour are sold under the brands gold medal, the kitchen of the firm, and the gold medal Wondra. Including multiple use, raw, flour and leavening varieties.

However, the E. coli outbreak has not stopped there. The FDA warns customers that the flour has a long shelf life, and you should throw away the earlier marks if they are present in your home.

Another issue is that some of these meals were distributed to restaurants. Some of these restaurants have given to the raw dough could play with children waiting for your food.

In any case, the FDA recommended that you take extra precaution measures when handling the flour.

How to safely handle raw dough

Most of us know the dangers of salmonella (from raw eggs) in the cookie dough. But if you’re like me, then he never stopped to consider the risks of E. coli -. Especially something that seems so innocent as flour

As part of his memory and warning, the FDA has issued a number of tips to help you manage mass safer, including:

‘Do not eat any raw cookie dough, cake mix, pasta, or any other product of raw dough or batter is supposed to be cooked or baked

Go on package directions and instructions cooking in all baked goods containing flour

-Wash hands, countertops, work surfaces, utensils, bowls and other cooking items thoroughly after coming into contact with the raw dough

-separate foods with raw dough of other food products during cooking and avoid other food preparation surfaces where the paste is placed unprocessed.

Minimizing the spread of flour dust, which can easily distribute flour through your kitchen and surfaces

If the label says to them, always thermal products containing raw dough after purchase until ready to bake

Basically, the treatment of the raw meal like you would with eggs, meat and other sensitive foods. If you can do that, then you can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing an outbreak of E. coli in your home.

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