FDA Admits- Chicken Meat Contains Arsenic Which Can Cause Cancer


Associated Press says that the FDA has finally admitted that chicken meat showed positive results for inorganic arsenic, after being tested.

This problem has been kept hidden for years. Now the FDA is finally confirming what was already suspected- chicken meat in the US They contain arsenic, which can cause cancer and can be fatal if taken in high doses.

What’s really surprising is that this toxic chemical is added to chicken feed on purpose. In 2006, the IATP`s report “Playing chicken- avoid arsenic in the flesh,” he said that more than 70% of chickens raised for meat in the US They are fed arsenic, which is added to food to accelerate weight gain of chickens with less food, in addition to its meat is healthy color. And `it s not only chickens, arsenic is added to food for turkeys and pigs.

The FDA found that nearly 50% of all chickens have tested inorganic arsenic in the liver. So he asked Pfizer to stop production of roxarsone, drug containing arsenic added to food chicken to be big and fat, and to give their flesh bright pink, healthy-looking color.

According to the Wall Street Journal: “The Food and Drug recently conducted a study on 100 broilers, detection high levels of inorganic arsenic in their livers. the chickens were treated with 3-Nitro, produced by Pfizer, which will stop production of this drug in early July for producers of animals can be transferred to other treatments. ”

The main problem is that the FDA is pulling these products off the shelves, but still claims that arsenic levels in chickens are so low that they are not safe to eat. Moreover, the FDA indicates that arsenic can cause cancer.

The industry cleverly hides the fact that arsenic is highly toxic to humans. According to the University of South Carolina, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, arsenic, along with mercury and lead can create terrible neurological effects in developing fetuses and in young children. And arsenic is 4 times more toxic than mercury.

The Journal of the Medical Association of America has released a study stating that people who eat lots of dyed rice arsenic (as arsenic exposure only known) show cellular changes related to the development of certain cancers.

Many reports confirm that arsenic can cause Bowen’s disease (early form of skin cancer), carcinoma of basal skin cells, invasive carcinoma deep layers of the skin and cancer (although less frequently) of the kidneys, liver, bladder and lungs.

The strangest and most illogical is that the FDA says you can eat foods that contain arsenic, which has been shown to cause cancer, but drinking juice elderberry can damage your health!

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