Fall Launch Of Apothecary Kids Herbal Skincare Promo! Get A Free Herbal Salve Stick!

Fall Launch Of Apothacary Kids Herbal Skincare Promo! Get A Free Herbal Salve Stick! insect bites, diaper rash, abrasions, irritated, bruises, oh my!

They come with the territory of having a child or two under your belt, and finding safe skin care these days can be so complicated. Not only are there so many choices, but because the conscious mothers have demanded safer ingredients, even the “safe” and “natural” choice selections brand skin care are huge!

So here’s the deal. We want to look at the labels – but not only the front of the label of my friends. The list of ingredients on the back of the label that tells the story! Because all natural skin care is not all the same.

When my friend Donielle of Natural Fertility and Welfare blog told me he was going to throw a line of skin care herbal for children I almost flipped! She is one of my go to people to ask questions herbal, and I just knew this was going to be good.

These ingredient labels on screens Apothecary products for children be left out -. Completely non / toxic and allergen very safe to use

I wanted to introduce you to the launch of the first in its line of skin care herbal – sure to check the code in the bottom of this post to get a stick * * free herbal ointment

J. Dubs Butt Butter

Fall Launch Of Apothacary Kids Herbal Skincare Promo! Get A Free Herbal Salve Stick! now this! It is a cream diaper! Listen, I love my home fat or lard to the bottom occasionally irritated my child, but let’s face it … those things are hard rock in the fridge, and when you have a squirmy 1 or 2 years of age who are not waiting for things to melt very easily!

Donielle Lashes J. Dubs Butt Butter so it is very easy to apply, the container can sit right next to the diapers, and it works great! Here is the list of ingredients:

shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, apricot kernel, (all infused with lavender), Candelilla wax, and vitamin E

I just so happened that the day I arrived our J. Dubs Butt Butter in the mail, my 2-year-old was cutting a molar which meant he had a background caca slightly red that day. I put the butter back in before bedtime and in the morning the redness had disappeared. real ingredients work so great!

Herbal Lip Balm

Fall Launch Of Apothacary Kids Herbal Skincare Promo! Get A Free Herbal Salve Stick! Confession. Rarely make her up. I know I know. Momma take care of himself. Take time for you in the morning. Sigh. I get it. I call it good if I can get some mascara. Michigan winters can be harsh on the skin, however, so have some lip balm around is very useful.

And my kids sometimes too dry – there is something in these school classrooms so dry! I would have a small lip balm for sure in my backpack oldest in case she feels dry. I love the simple ingredients in Apothecary children Herbal Lip Balm

oil, almond oil, rosehip seed oil, extra virgin coconut butter mango, shea butter, candelilla wax, beeswax and vitamin E

These lipsticks pure balsams are obtainable without synthetic ingredients or preservatives, flavors or odors.

There is also a tinted lip balm for older girls and Mom! It’s not overwhelming in color, but it gives a light red glow healthy like a light lip gloss.

Herbal Salve stick

Fall Launch Of Apothacary Kids Herbal Skincare Promo! Get A Free Herbal Salve Stick! This is a game changer! I am completely in love and do not know that I want a bottle of herbal ointment another day in my life! These herbal salve sticks are a great way to carry your herbs with you on the go, perfect for busy mommas!

The stick herbal balm is made with a blend of natural oils infused with herbs known for their skin soothing properties. He scented with herbs (lavender and only cocoa butter really come through and smell great), it is easy to apply to the cracked and irritated skin. These are the ingredients:

extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil extra virgin, cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilla wax, beeswax and vitamin E. oils are infused with plantain, comfrey, calendula, lavender, and echinecea.

The stick herbal balm is greater, 0.5 oz stick compared to a typical .15 oz lip balm stick used to – there are a lot of herbal ointment there! But it is also compact enough to stick perfectly in your diaper bag or purse.

get a free Herbal Salve stick !

apothecary Kids is offering Breeding Generation readers Nourished a * FREE * Herbal Salve stick with any purchase until October 24 of, 2015! Just enter the code at checkout RGNFREESTICK! My friends, this is your response to stocking stuffers, gifts, cousin gifts teenager, and new momma gifts this holiday season! Made on a shopping trip online *! Yes!

Fall Launch Of Apothacary Kids Herbal Skincare Promo! Get A Free Herbal Salve Stick!

The Fall launch of children Apothecary herbal skin care Promotion! Get a free Herbal Salve hard! appeared for the first time in Breeding Fueled Generation .

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