There are two ways in which a newborn come into this world, or you can choose caesarean normal delivery o. Among them best method is chosen by a physician according to the health of the baby’s mother and that the ultimate goal is to safely give birth to a healthy baby.

Vaginal birth

Pros for the mother:

From a psychological standpoint, women who go through a vaginal birth is said to have a more positive birth experience. Women who undergo vaginal delivery sometimes feel it is motivating to know that they were actively involved in the process. Mothers who give birth by vaginal delivery have a shorter than those who opt for cesarean recovery. This delivery method also allows the mother and baby skin to skin contact immediately after birth, which accelerates the bonding process.

Pros for baby:

One of the advantages for the baby of a vaginal birth is that a mother will have a contact with your baby earlier than a woman who has undergone surgery, and can initiate breastfeeding before, said Bryant.

During a vaginal delivery, the muscles involved in the process are more likely to squeeze the liquid found in the lungs of a newborn, Bryant, which is an advantage said, because it makes the less likely babies suffering breathing problems at birth. Babies born vaginally also receive an initial dose of good bacteria as they travel through the birth canal of its mother, which can strengthen your immune system and protect their intestinal tracts.

Against the mother:

Vaginal delivery can be stressful and not be completely sure how long it will take delivery. Some deliveries are short, while others take hours depending on each case. Having a baby born naturally out of the mother waiting for the big day arrives, so the process of planning for the arrival of a baby more complicated.

Cons for baby:

If a woman has had a prolonged labor or the baby is large and vaginally, the baby may suffer an injury during the birth process itself, such as having a scalp bruising or a broken collar bone according to the Stanford School of Medicine.


Pros for the mother:

There are a lot of advantages of having a cesarean section if a woman has the right to have a vaginal birth, said Bryant.

However, if a pregnant woman knows she will need a C-section, a surgical delivery may be scheduled in advance, so it is more convenient and predictable than a vaginal delivery and go through a long work.

Against the mother:

A woman who has had a C segment usually a woman who has a vaginal means of transportation stays in the longest medical facilities, two to four days to the end, and contrasted. Having a C-zone, also the danger of a lady for more physical complaints after taking transportation, for example, the torment in the place of cut and longer lasting pain expands.

From a lady is undergoing surgery, a C segment includes an expanded danger of misfortune blood and a serious risk of the disease, Bryant said. The entrail or bladder can be damaged in the middle of the operation or blood clotting may arise, he said.

A survey study found that women who have had a C-area are more reluctant to initiate early breastfeeding women who had a vaginal delivery.

The time frame recovery following transport also is the argument that a woman can have more pain and anguish in his belly as the skin and nerves covering the surgical scar needs time to repair, often not less than two months.

Ladies are three times more likely to transmit in transport medium cesarean than a vaginal delivery, due mostly to blood clots, disease and confusions of anesthesia, as indicated by a French study.

Once a woman has had her first C-zone, which will probably have a C segment in future transportation, Bryant said. It can also be in greatest danger of future complexities of pregnancy, for example, uterine rupture, which is the point at which the C segment scar burst in their uterus, placenta and irregularities. The danger to the problems of placenta keeps expanding with each segment C has a lady.

Against baby:

A few babies have breathing problems when transmitted by C-zone. Some specialists ensure that C-areas cause complications such as problems with anesthesia or maybe scratching the child. These hazards transport means are low, however, are hopeful variables of each mother would like to hear.

Generally, there are large elements that influence the choice of choosing the alternative, and the decision is yours. Obviously, in situations in which a C segment is essential for the welfare of the mother and child, (eg high risk of transmitting infection or complexities of fetal problems sexually transmitted diseases) methodology will be held without into account the fact that a characteristic is favored birth.


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