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Exposed Skin Care promises to be an effective treatment system and powerful acne. But it is what really works to clear your acne? Let’s see today in our review Skin Care exposed.

What Skin Care is exposed?

Exposed Skin Care is a product line of skin care that promises to treat your acne more effectively than most other formulas on the market.

he exposed is particularly popular on, where it is one of the best selling acne treatments.

Manufacturers of care exposed skin claim that the formula combines “advanced medicine acne” with “natural extracts pure” to give healthier future users, clearer skin in 30 days or less ” guaranteed. ”

If you do not get a clean skin in 30 days while the treatment is used as directed, Exposed skin care will give your money back up to 1 year after purchase.

The basic acne treatment kit (including 5 products skin care exposed different) is priced at around $ 50 shopping official website come with automatic membership in program Auto shipping, which automatically receives a new kit every 60 days (although you can adjust the delivery time as you want).

How does Exposed Skin Care work?

Skin Care Exposed promises to treat acne, prevent further outbreaks, and return your skin to a natural healthy balance using a variety of traditional medicines to fight acne, along with excerpts botanists.

“soft skin cleansers”, eg removing oil and impurities from the skin, while salicylic and glycolic acids are used to unclog the pores. Meanwhile, “micronized” Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria that cause acne on the skin, preventing further outbreaks appear.

Then the natural extracts will work.

These natural extracts include tea tree oil, which heals and protects the surface of the skin. There is also passion flower and licorice root, which reduce redness and skin irritation. Finally, the green tea extract “restores radiance”.

Exhibited creators have actually published a good writeup of their ingredients here:

This writeup includes scientific evidence peer behind each of the ingredients.

In a scientific study of salvia extract , for example, it showed that the natural extract shows anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. The researchers concluded that the study stating that “compared to placebo, SE [sage extract] significantly reduced erythema induced by ultraviolet radiation, similar to hydrocortisone measure. These data suggest that could be useful in the topical treatment of diseases inflammatory skin “.

Both traditional ingredients of acne medicine and botanical extracts are widely detailed scientific evidence, including numerous quotes reinforcing its benefits in the treatment of acne.

In other words, Exposed skin care seems to use potent ingredients backed by real scientific benefits.

Exposed Skin Care Products

exposed to the products of skin care are sold individually or as part of kits packages.

Individual Products

– Facial Cleanser ($ 15.95 / 4oz)
– Compensation Tonic ($ 19.95 / 4 ounces)
– Acne treatment with serum (19.95 / 1 7 oz) of
– Clear Pore Serum ($ 19.95 / 1.7 ounces) of
– Hydrating Complex ($ 25.95 / 1.7 oz)
– Clarifying mask ($ 25.95 / 1 7 oz)
– Microderm Scrub ($ 30.95 / 1.7 oz)
– Derm-X ​​cloth ($ 9.95)
– Derm-X ​​body tissue ($ 12.95)
– Body Wash ($ 25.95 / 12 ounces)
– complex probiotic ($ 34.95 / 60 Capsules)

Kits package

– Basic 60 Day 5 pieces Kit ($ 49.95 / 60 day Supply of facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum, Clear Pore serum, and Derm-X ​​Cloth)

– Expanded 60 days 6 piece Kit ($ 59.95 / 60-day supply of facial cleanser, Derm-X ​​Cloth, Compensation Tonic, during the day Suero acne, acne night Serum, and Moisturizing Complex)

– last 60 day 9 piece Kit ($ 94.95 / 60 days supply facial cleanser, tonic Compensation, acne treatment serum, Clear Pore Serum, Derm-X ​​Cloth, moisturizing complex Microderm Scrub, Clarifying mask, and probiotic complex)

– Day 30 travel Kit ($ 29.95 / 30-day supply of facial cleanser, tonic clearing, acne treatment serum and Clear Pore serum)

What is the Club Exposed?

Many of the packages sold through include mandatory participation in something called Club Exposed.

The manufacturer is strangely vague about how the Club works exposed. At the bottom of the order form, the Club exposed advertised like this:

“[Purchases include] membership complimentary club exposed This exclusive membership gives you access to important information about. offers and savings and let you control quickly and easily your account to change your order and profile information. “

Basically, it sounds like a newsletter subscription email when describing this way.

Actually, however, the club exposed is a program Autoship which receives automatic shipments of equipment supplies skin care exposed day 60 every 60 days ( default). You can customize the frequency order as you want, or be canceled altogether.

However, many people who have acquired Exposed skin care were later surprised to see charges appear on your credit card 60 days in the future, although not expressly ordered additional kits care exposed skin.

If you are not interested in receiving future shipments of exposed skin care, be sure to contact the company to cancel. You can contact settings view of members of the company and on its website:

About exposed skin care

Exposed Skin Care is a company Seattle-based based at the following address:

Exposed Skin Care
79 S Horton St Ste 150
Seattle, WA 98134

can get in contact the company via email at [email protected] or by calling (866) 404-7656.

Currently, the company has an A + rating of accreditation with a total of 11 complaints closed during the last 3 years. Accreditation also claims that exposed skin care does business under the name Halogent, LLC.

Should you use Exposed Skin Care Products to treat your acne?

Exposed skin care line is a popular acne-fighting products that are sold cheaper than competitors such as Proactiv price. Formulas contain a mixture of science-based ingredients and are generally well reviewed online.

The only real “catch” for exposed skin care is its rare “Club Exposed” system. Many purchases from the official website come with “free membership” to the club exposed. This membership is advertised as a great benefit, when in fact, it is just a sneaky way of charging 60 days from now for a product that did not explicitly order.

If you can prevent the automatic shipment program (such as by canceling your membership using the portal members after order), then skin care exposed seems to be a good way to treat your acne.

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