EXCLUSIVE: Why Diamond Platnumz got Stranded In Nairobi After Meru Show

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Tanzanian artist diamond Platinumz is stranded in Nairobi due to a lack of communication in your flight plan.

Diamond, who had been putting in a Nairobi hotel after arrival on Thursday, to the left of Meru on Saturday where he staged an electrifying performance later that night.

But back to the city on Sunday afternoon, the star Bongo and his entourage he went directly to Jomo Kenyatta international airport, where they were surprised to find that the promoter had booked their flight back Monday night.

Sources in Meru say Diamond and his team of about eight went to a Nairobi hotel where they had been booked upon arrival on Friday, but found it completely filled by delegates attend the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD).

The Utanipenda hit maker roam the city of Nairobi in search of a hotel room without success.

exciting performance of

According to nearby diamond sources, was the promoter failed to comply with the above provision to take flight reserved for the Sunday night singer.

Diamond and his team, we understand, was looking for an apartment for the night and it was unclear by press time if they found one.

The promoter also refused to pay the bill for housing the team on Sunday night.

is expected the team to leave later Monday night. “Diamond is livid,” the source said.

The bongo star Meru electrified the crowd with an exciting performance on Saturday night at the site Meru Polytechnic.

local stars, including unnamed Nassizu, Otile Brown, Natty Mwalim and Mr. Lenny curtain-raised for the show Diamond also conducted an exciting performance.

Credits: News Nairobi

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