Exceptional Healing Recipe to Reduce Fat, Regulate Blood Sugar and Boost Your Metabolism!

Retrieving properties of sauerkraut or cabbage cured by deduction accepted, however, do not abuse enough

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 250 g of cabbage
  • 1 apple (organic)
  • 2 tablespoons raisins or blueberries (or a spoonful of scrambled eggs)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


Slash sauerkraut as a serving of mixed vegetables. Apples crusted mesh and mixed with cabbage. Include raisins, oil and toss gently spoon. Finally include some blueberries and raisins for garnishing. Remarkable sound quality and portion mixed with some ordinary not like vegetables, however convincing!

properties recovered from the salt cabbage approved logically, not yet enough abuse, so we must review some of them:

oil and salted cabbage prevents vitamin deficiency, treatment of the cover of the digestive organs and ensures against breast growth.

rich in minerals and potassium that discharge liquid and abundance in relation to diseases caused as a result of the confusion of digestion system (gout and disease) and cabbage sulfur gives sterile activity progresses. Col sweet and saline helps in incessant obstruction.

New and solid cabbage leaves used for betting. They should be washed, dried, to evacuate the thicker parts to soften before adjusting the point of pain, and marginally heated. The leaves are altered with a strip.

Coatings help with:

Coatings help with bronchitis and asthma (to act overnight), abscesses, ulcers, skin diseases, wounds, sunburn, mosquito itching and wounds.

Before applying the coating, wound or ulcer should be cleaned with mild liquor or chamomile tea.

The coatings are made and part of the torments stomach, racing and irritation. They are very useful during periods of growth and discomfort.

New cabbage juice helps bronchitis (nectar), gill disease, stomach ulcers, digestive pumps, cutting, drying, aftereffect, weakness …

Juice works only if it is new. We are so cabbage (500 g) clean, plant, some salt and let stand. Strain mass through the double layer fabric and include some lemon juice. Spent between dinner.

salted cabbage should be eaten raw. Heat treatment most of the corrosive lactic SPA is lost, it can lead to cramping and gas in the stomach.

salted cabbage is rich in calcium. raw cabbage is large compared to insufficient vitamin; mucus seeping into all layers in all and shortcomings, so in these cases should be eaten every day.

it is large and solid measure if acidification including cabbage leaf vines, grapes, apples and melon slices, corn, fennel and a few drops of salt.

Only in vitamin raw cabbage T it is available, valuable in stomach ulcer.

sauerkraut has to a great degree recovering properties:

– Improving the provision due to increased utilization of the protein

– Improving the framework not susceptible and makes it impervious to stretch

– Enables trade in substances in the brain and nerves

– Stimulates and storage retention of iron in the blood

– Support to the creation of red platelets

– Have encourage and relives cells

– helps to assemble the bones

– regulates fat and reduces the abundance and cholesterol in the blood, also invigorates the digestion system of fat cells

– Reinforces the lack of susceptibility, builds muscle quality

– contributes to the recovery of connective tissue


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