Evidence Shows Vitamin D Supplementation Could Cause Early Death

4958715_s For years, doctors have advised people to get more vitamin D in your diet.

Part of this is to help strengthen bones, and the other is to help protect the heart and help reduce inflammation.

The reason for supplementation is because getting the sun is not always the best idea, or even whenever possible, so doctors have begun to recommend supplements of vitamin D-used in its place.

The problem with this is vitamin-D supplementation made in the absence of an important cofactor actually can create a hazardous environment for the heart.

This cofactor is none other than vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is not a vitamin commonly known, and is less understood than its cousin of vitamin k.

So what k2 have to do with vitamin D, and how can vitamin D supplementation cause an early death?


For years, people have been told to take both vitamin D and calcium to increase bone health.

The problem here is when this is done without k2, calcium can actually cause calcified arterial walls that can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

As Kate Rheaume-Bleue points out in his book “calcium paradox,”

Calcium supplements increases the occurrence of myocardial infarction and stroke with or without vitamin D , which shows that the latter has no protective effect here. Worse, it is possible that the growing popularity of vitamin D could in fact be exacerbating the problem.

Under certain circumstances, vitamin D increases arterial calcification [emphasis added]. Vitamin D specifically accelerates the accumulation of arterial calcification in conditions vitamin K2-deficient. With all the good news about vitamin D, how could this be?

The news about vitamin D has not been all good, only the wide dissemination of news.

We know vitamin D is beneficial for bone health. When it comes to heart health, research has been decidedly mixed. The results are so confusing and contradictory that researchers are just now making sense. Many studies indicate that vitamin D deficiency is associated with heart disease, and vitamin D levels rise, arterial calcification decreases.

Other studies show that only contrary higher blood levels of vitamin D are associated with increased amount of arterial plaque. This double-edged sword can be partly explained by understanding what makes vitamin D and it does with calcium.

But most importantly Rheame-Bleue is able to determine when k2 is present, none of these problems are a problem.

What k2 does is that activates a compound called osteocalcin with the gla matrix protein (MGP), scrubbing the body for calcium that would otherwise accumulate in the heart or in the arteries and He puts in the bones and teeth (to which they belong).

If a person is deficient in k2 then osteocalcin and MGP never move int established and cardiovascular conditions are likely to put on.

The council recommends?

Rheame-Bleue says make sure you have a wide k2 in the diet.

Pretty simple, especially if you do not want to die of a heart attack.

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